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Online Affair

by pirate1791 on Sep 16, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

A real conversation between two cyber lovers who have never met. Joe (10/28/2009 7:49:35 AM): what did u decide to wear under your work clothes for me amy (10/28/2009 8:15:15 AM): The blue lace panties that I sent a picture of to you once.....just a cami..no bra joe (10/28/2009 8:24:36 AM): i like that. what clothes are u wearing? amy (10/28/2009 8:30:36...

Dirty Chat

by PoshTom098 on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

One Night, on the Internet: LordTom 10:11 hi! A1ic3g 10:11 helloooo mister penis waggler :P LordTom 10:12 hellooo miss eyebrow flutterer A1ic3g 10:12 it's like my main flirting move A1ic3g 10:13 eyelash! not eyebrow lol LordTom 10:13 oh yeah LordTom 10:13 that'd be odd A1ic3g 10:14 how's your evening gone? LordTom 10:15 quiet, how's yours? A1ic3g 1...

Cuckolding with Kindness

by nohodays on Dec 23, 2019
Loving Wives

I copied and pasted a real chat with my ex here, below. It's cuckolding with style, with kindness. You don't see things like "sissy, my dog" No. No humiliation It's about love and extra kinky fun. I only changed the names, for privacy reasons. 10:18 PM - Miguel: You know, I already got used to our crazy things 10:19 PM - Rebeca: Ok my love 10:19 PM -...

Dirty Texts: Tunde & Tomi

by Twisted_Ajebutter on Jan 16, 2019
Letters & Transcripts

[10/10, 20:13] Tomi: Hey b. You ok x [10/10, 20:53] Tunde: Yeah, I'm good. Just chilling today. How you feeling? [10/10, 20:55] Tomi: I'm feeling good thanks, just recovering. [10/10, 20:59] Tunde: After a mad night what'd you end up doing today [10/10, 20:59] Tomi: Nothing really, barely made it through lectures and now just chilling at home. What abou...

Ben 10: Ultimate Sexy

by CorpseKing on Apr 11, 2018
Fan Fiction

"It started when an alien device did what it did... " This was how the story of Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson started at the age of 10, which was also the age he first save the universe. At Fifteen, he had saved the Galaxy was extinction during the Highbreed Wars. He also defeated his old foe Vilgax, who had conquered ten worlds. At Sixteen, he s...

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A Toast! To The Bloody Shards...

by Jenna_In_Dreamland on Sep 16, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

Note: This is a mostly true story. I say mostly because memory is a strange thing, and can sometimes play tricks (especially on women in love). It isn't a pretty story, but it might explain a few things. There is a gigantic gulf between what I want, and what I can have. I want CH plain and simple. I have him physically. I have him as a friend. His love I can...

Orgasm Therapist

by Hentai_Sonic_CH on Sep 16, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

So here you go all...this is what I do in my sapre time other than the threads, have fun with other lit users..if anyone else is interested AIM me. Crimson_Eyes626 (9:24:05 PM): hello sorry I was a bit late Crimson_Eyes626 (9:24:20 PM): How long do you have left? "Rogue_13" (9:24:23 PM): it's ok... helping a friend with his needs "Rogue_13" (9:24:29 PM):...

Collection of Erotic Film Reviews

by Andy336 on Sep 12, 2017
Reviews & Essays

EROTIC DVD FILM REVIEWS 2016 edition Hi all you erotic film lovers. This is NOT a review of hard core porn films and videos. It is review of a collection of full length feature films that concern sexual or erotic themes that have been on general release or made for TV, all of which are now available on DVD. These films are suitable for adults over the age...

Seduction Accomplished

by PandoraSpox on Sep 14, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

//****Foreword: In order to save the privacy of my friend and myself, I've changed our screen names. This started out as a casual conversation. Quite frankly, I feel kind of guilty about this because my friend has an online girlfriend already. The only reason I tried to seduce him was just to SEE if I could because I used to have a huge crush on him. I thi...

Text Addiction

by sissycandi on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

My wife Patty and I are addicted to texting each other. Although both of us have access to e-mail -- me at work and Patty at home -- it's a lot more efficient to force ourselves to keep our messages to 160 characters. And, while I have to be careful about sending and receiving suggestive e-mails from my office computer, we don't have that problem texting bac...