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Dirty Chat

by PoshTom098 on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

One Night, on the Internet: LordTom 10:11 hi! A1ic3g 10:11 helloooo mister penis waggler :P LordTom 10:12 hellooo miss eyebrow flutterer A1ic3g 10:12 it's like my main flirting move A1ic3g 10:13 eyelash! not eyebrow lol LordTom 10:13 oh yeah LordTom 10:13 that'd be odd A1ic3g 10:14 how's your evening gone? LordTom 10:15 quiet, how's yours? A1ic3g 1...

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Cuckolding with Kindness

by nohodays on Dec 23, 2019
Loving Wives

I copied and pasted a real chat with my ex here, below. It's cuckolding with style, with kindness. You don't see things like "sissy, my dog" No. No humiliation It's about love and extra kinky fun. I only changed the names, for privacy reasons. 10:18 PM - Miguel: You know, I already got used to our crazy things 10:19 PM - Rebeca: Ok my love 10:19 PM -...

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Ben 10: Ultimate Sexy

by CorpseKing on Apr 11, 2018
Fan Fiction

"It started when an alien device did what it did... " This was how the story of Ben "Ben 10" Tennyson started at the age of 10, which was also the age he first save the universe. At Fifteen, he had saved the Galaxy was extinction during the Highbreed Wars. He also defeated his old foe Vilgax, who had conquered ten worlds. At Sixteen, he s...

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Texts from Miko Ch. 01

by d1screet on Jul 31, 2019
Erotic Couplings

Author's note: I'm not really a writer. This is my first submission. It may be kind of a slow burn, but it'll heat up, I promise. I'm hoping for constructive comments, and I welcome your ideas for future chapters! —— My phone rings around 11:00 on Tuesday, and I smile big when I see who's calling. "Miko!" I practically shout into the phone by way of hel...

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Destroyed by text.

by Need_to_serve on Apr 28, 2020

Monday: John 9:05am: 'Hi Pam. I've left a couple of messages for you on your office number. I'm sorry to bother you, but I really need the money back from the expenses I paid for when we went on that training together. Thanks, John.' Pam 10:34am: 'Why?' John 10:35am: 'Hi Pam, thank God I finally got through to you! I've on my last £150 and its still 2 wee...

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Collection of Erotic Film Reviews

by Andy336 on Sep 12, 2017
Reviews & Essays

EROTIC DVD FILM REVIEWS 2016 edition Hi all you erotic film lovers. This is NOT a review of hard core porn films and videos. It is review of a collection of full length feature films that concern sexual or erotic themes that have been on general release or made for TV, all of which are now available on DVD. These films are suitable for adults over the age...

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Text Addiction

by sissycandi on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

My wife Patty and I are addicted to texting each other. Although both of us have access to e-mail -- me at work and Patty at home -- it's a lot more efficient to force ourselves to keep our messages to 160 characters. And, while I have to be careful about sending and receiving suggestive e-mails from my office computer, we don't have that problem texting bac...

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A Day in the Life of Angeline, 34

by Edwarlife on Aug 30, 2017
Humor & Satire

6:30 - Wake up, scratch vulva. Smell fingers. 6:35 - Shower, urinate in shower, hold breath while doing so. Desire to stay home instead of going to work. 6:48 - Study vulva in mirror. Remember what it looked like shaved last summer. 6:50 - Wonder what it would look like if again shaved. Hope new boyfriend, Alan, doesn't ask. 6:50 - Apply makeup, hoping t...

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Dare Game

by Paperfly on Sep 15, 2017

Life changed for me when I hit the age of thirteen. At the time when all my friends had already acquired breasts, curves and the interest of the boys, I was still flat-chested; a late developer. To make matters worse, my parents were sending me to private schools and these typically changed from the junior to senior schools at the age of 13. So there I was...

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Are You a Great Anal Lover?

by celesteandjim on Sep 16, 2017

As everyone knows, the acceptance of anal sex in popular culture is exploding. I read a restaurant review last week that compared eating a certain dish to having anal sex. Imagine that being printed twenty years ago. Surveys of college women who are sexually active reveal that 24% of them have anal sex at least twice a month. Guess why. Because it feels so g...

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