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Infinite Scroll

Amazing Curiosities and Marvels Emporium

by TheDespaxas on Jan 7, 2017
Science Fiction

This is a strange shop owned by an old man. The place looks old and is filled with items that would amaze or confuse most people. Things like those that could be seen advertised at the end of old comic books, x-ray googles, telepathy helmets, sea monkeys, monster eggs, transformation devices, time stopping watches and much more... The only difference is that...

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Chat Protocol [Mar 27 2008]

by child_of_man on Sep 13, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

*** This is my first story I'm submitting here to Literotica, so please give me some Feedback =) *** Just a Chat Protocol [18:53] a.: Would it be mean to tell you know that [18:53] a.: I would love for you to touch me? [18:53] a.: just gently first? [18:53] a.: and maybe kiss? [18:53] a.: and kiss my neck? [18:53] a.: and then work your way down? [1...

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Woodland Walk - New Opportunities Ch. 03

by ambise on Dec 2, 2019
Group Sex

Jill's thoughts drifted back to the events of the past weekend, Sunday had been a bit of a washout as she had been exhausted by the Woodland walk, she smiled remembering being surprised at her enjoyment of being forcibly taken and becoming submissive. Steve, she recalled, had obviously enjoyed himself, he had royally screwed her immediately on their return h...

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Young parents, old children

by shad1 on Jan 27, 2018

Everybody in the world is struck with the same disease. Anyone over 18 gets tired and soon falls unconscious. They remain this way for years and while in this state, they're bodies start to get really cold and they remain ageless with no need for food or water. (Food and water particles were attracted to them in this state and gravitated toward them to give...

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Two Weeks at the Playground Ch. 04

by JoMaddox on Apr 14, 2020

"Harder Billy Harder!" Young Billy Martino's body was bathed in sweat as he pumped away deep into his luscious mother. It had been a day and a half since Monica Martino and her son had first made love to each other. Yesterday, the incestuous couple had spent the day hanging out together in their cabin, talking and looking at the waves hitting the beach. But...

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Sexual Deviancy as a Biological Imp

by fanfare on Sep 1, 2017
Humor & Satire

Author's note: Written sexual activity is only engaged in by responsible fictional adults of 18 fictional years or older. Wearing a condom. Even when not engaged. Excuse me but I do not quite understand what you are complaining about? Okay, let me see if I got this straight, you are complaining that, that man over there is a sexual deviant, am I correct?...

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Late Bloomers Syndrome

by kh211 on Dec 10, 2018

Late Bloomers Syndrome Dr. Liam Large New York, NY Abstract Frequency of Delayed Puberty commonly known as Late Bloomers Syndrome has been on the rise in recent decades. By examining the diets and day to day activities of the selected volunteers, we can better understand the dangers and possibly correct the imbalances that the population experiences that wil...

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Abenteuer zweier Bauernmädchen in Danzig

by louis123 on Oct 2, 2005
Non-English (dated)

Abenteuer zweier Bauernmädchen in Danzig Vorspann Diese Geschichte darf Jugendlichen unter 18 Jahren nicht zugänglich gemacht werden. Es handelt sich um reine Phantasie. „Die nachfolgende Geschichte ist für Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren nicht geeignet. Sie spiegelt nicht meine Neigungen wieder. Ich sammele Informationen aus Erzählungen, Presse und TV, sowie Ch...

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18 Master Ch. 06: Contract

by penitr8me on Sep 26, 2017

I am naked. I am in a cage. I am covered in cum. I am blindfolded. My hands and feet are bound. I have given my life over to the 18 men in the next room. I am thinking this is either the most brilliant or most stupid thing I have ever done. I am theirs now, 24x7. The ink on the contract is as dry as the cum on my face. I am horny as hell - even though I ju...

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The 2 notebooks(Public)

by dicchic on Jul 5, 2018

This is public. You're walking through the mall when you notice a run down shop. Curious you enter. It's mainly populated with stationary for a student. You notice two note books which seem to pull you in. When you read the titles they say. 'Book of creation' and 'Book of life'. You buy them and go home. You open the notebooks and they each have their 'powe...

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