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Infinite Scroll

Android 18's "Training"

by 3aaadad on Oct 21, 2020
Mind Control

"I can now understand what you mean by training, Yamcha." 18 said as they walked into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with their equipment. After the Tournament of Power, Yamcha had suggested to 18 that the two could start training if they were to face a threat that had the power of Jiren that was in this universe and 18 agreed. They decided to train i...

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The Enigma Variations

by Cromagnonman on Sep 16, 2017

This story, as the name suggests, is about codes and variations of codes. It has nothing to do with Elgar and his music. I thought of including the translations of the coded messages within the body of the story, but decided that this would take away the fun of solving them, so for those code breakers among you, enjoy. * It had been a rough trip, the guy...


by Joseki Ko on Sep 16, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

[18:55] NemikShCoG has entered the room. [18:56] TehyaSH: Hey I didn't feel like sitting in there [18:56] TehyaSH: specially when I got a slave the needs to work [18:56] *NemikShCoG strolls into the main hall from My chambers* [18:56] NemikShCoG: yes, I opened this up for a while, but no-one came [18:56] pepperTPS has entered the room. [18:57] TehyaS...

A Debt Repaid, Plus Interest

by Darkinferno on Sep 13, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball z and am making no profit from this work. All of the Characters in this fiction are 18 or older. ***** It had been exactly one year to the day since the events at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, when the Z-fighters faced off against the wizard Babidi, and destroyed his evil monster, Kid Buu. To celebrate the anni...

Sext Ch. 02

by pedro55 on Sep 16, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

23/08/2013 04:34:21: Sir: Did you get off? I am really horny now, I really want to get off. X 23/08/2013 05:21:04: Slave: No I didn't get off. I was a good girl! X 23/08/2013 05:30:31: Sir: Well done! You must be pretty horny now though? X 23/08/2013 05:28:59: Slave: Extremely horny! X 23/08/2013 05:42:11: Slave: I want you inside of me right now! X 23/...

Amazing Curiosities and Marvels Emporium

by TheDespaxas on Jan 7, 2017
Science Fiction

This is a strange shop owned by an old man. The place looks old and is filled with items that would amaze or confuse most people. Things like those that could be seen advertised at the end of old comic books, x-ray googles, telepathy helmets, sea monkeys, monster eggs, transformation devices, time stopping watches and much more... The only difference is that...

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Mansion of Waifus Ch. 02

by daxg2001 on Aug 27, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, animes and mangas, franchises, writers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic mate...

Chat Protocol [Mar 27 2008]

by child_of_man on Sep 13, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

*** This is my first story I'm submitting here to Literotica, so please give me some Feedback =) *** Just a Chat Protocol [18:53] a.: Would it be mean to tell you know that [18:53] a.: I would love for you to touch me? [18:53] a.: just gently first? [18:53] a.: and maybe kiss? [18:53] a.: and kiss my neck? [18:53] a.: and then work your way down? [1...

Whoremaster (56)

by Cirnhoj on May 15, 2018
Novels and Novellas

Prologue I am ninety-nine years old and tomorrow is my birthday, so I will be a hundred years old in the morning. The big ten-0! I have all my faculties and even my own teeth! What I don't have is all the dear ones I have known in my life. My daughter Polly is now gone and her daughter Jenny too. As for her daughter, my great granddaughter Polly, she is...

Sexual Deviancy as a Biological Imp

by fanfare on Sep 1, 2017
Humor & Satire

Author's note: Written sexual activity is only engaged in by responsible fictional adults of 18 fictional years or older. Wearing a condom. Even when not engaged. Excuse me but I do not quite understand what you are complaining about? Okay, let me see if I got this straight, you are complaining that, that man over there is a sexual deviant, am I correct?...