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The 750 Word Project: Coming Soon!

by Literotica on Jan 23, 2019

From the imaginations of your favorite Literotica authors comes: Here's more on the event from organizer jezzaz: Is it possible to write a complete story in exactly 750 words? That's the minimum limit that Literotica will accept, and after talking among ourselves, some of the writers on Lit decided to see if we could do it. After all, it's 750 words, righ...

Getting Ready To Close The Deal

by 8letters on Oct 3, 2017
Loving Wives

The author VirriV requested feedback on his story Savages. I thought VirriV wasn't successful in getting across his main character Veer as he wanted to get him across. I thought about re-writing part of the scene to show him hopefully how to do it better. Eventually, I decided it would fun to just re-write the scene and publish it. This is nothing like any o...

Og's Blog Pt. 01

by oggbashan on Apr 27, 2020
Reviews & Essays

Og's Blog Part 01 September to December 2019 Copyright oggbashan (and copyright for those I have quoted) Apart from the Author's name this is supposed to be non-fiction. A couple of people have asked me to make a permanent record of the real-life anecdotes I had posted in the Authors' Hangout and General Board so this is the first part. +++ How I chose...