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You Sinner!

by charmingdanger on Sep 12, 2017

Mitchell tossed and turned in his sleep. His sheets were a tangled mess around his legs, his pillow soaked with sweat. Mitchell was restless because it was the witching hour, and even sleeping he knew she was coming. She didn't come to him every night. Mitchell supposed being a succubus was a busy occupation. He had no illusions about there being emotional...

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Being Human - Mitchell and Susie

by Arethusa on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Being Human is a UK TV series about a vampire (Mitchell), a werewolf (George) and a ghost (Annie) who share a house and are trying to live a normal life . . . just being human. Inspired by Series 2 Episode 1. Annie has her job at the New Found Out pub and George is trying to resolve his relationship with Nina now she knows she's a werewolf. But what if Mitc...

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Job Concerns

by cwr2000 on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

Claudia Hamilton was in a panic as she tried putting the finishing touches on the dinner her husband, Andrew, convinced her to have for his new boss, to try and keep him climbing the corporate ladder. She had hated the idea from the beginning, since the higher he went the less time he seemed to have for her and so kept resisting, but he was so insistent that...

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Black Cuckolds of Today

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017
Interracial Love

"Mr. Vincent, your fantasies are in no way abnormal, what you describe is simply a cuckold fantasy," Dr. Mitchell Latreille said calmly as he looked at his patient, Luke Vincent. The tall, burly and muscular, thirtysomething Black man leaned back on the couch, and stroked his goateed chin. A thoughtful expression filled Luke Vincent's handsome face. Not for...

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Tales from Frank's: The Brothers

by Kaneda_Shinaro on Sep 17, 2017
Group Sex

Working in Frank's is okay. Frank himself is a bit of a pain in the ass, but I'm friendly enough with the other girls. Back when Frank still had ideas of starting a franchise, the diner-come-bar was decked out in the usual family friendly reds and yellows. Sometime before I started, he realised the customers he could count on weren't mom, pop and their 2.4s...

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Jim's Group Physical

by JimmyJohnson on Sep 12, 2017

This story is a work of fiction, but it does draw on some of my own real-life experiences growing up, as well as a healthy dose of fantasy. The story is about 4 high school senior boys (18 years old) who are called out of their physical education class and forced to undergo a complete physical exam as a group. The story is a first-person account told by one...

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End of Summer Fun

by NeverWinterNite on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Heather listened to her best friend; Melanie babbling on and on about her upcoming trip to Venice Beach. Her friend had been trying for the past few weeks to get her to go with her, saying it would be a great way to end the summer but she constantly resisted. Heather was the typical homebody, who preferred to stay at home curled up in her leather sofa, engro...

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Crab Claws

by midorigreengrasses on Jun 12, 2019
Loving Wives

It's natural when meeting with a group of friends as we were then, some friends of friends, just met, to think about how they might pair off. Sometimes people choose the partner different from the one who seems to match them, sometimes just the opposite. A short woman might choose a man with a long penis. Some might take a partner of the same gender or with...

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by midorigreengrasses on Jun 25, 2019
Loving Wives

Why? (Hiroko didn't have time to translate this well, so there may be a few- many- rough spots). I just try to explain, tell, as many times as necessary, as much as you want. This is the version Hiroko repaired. Some parts refer to events in earlier pages of the diary you haven't read and may be confusing. Birds call in the morning here. Do you hear t...

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Welcome Back

by Caramel_Satine on Sep 18, 2017
Interracial Love

A cool breeze blew over South Beach and it patrons that evening. Serena was more than happy to be out with the woman who had become her closest friend in the city. While everyone else somehow found something more important to do on a Friday night, Katy was more than willing to go out for drinks with her only girl friend in the world. While both women were...

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