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Ariana Grande Mind Controlled

by Theninjagamer308 on Mar 11, 2019
Mind Control

My name is Roy and I’m your average 18 year old boy. I am also a big fan of Ariana Grande. I had such a big crush on her so one day I decided to go see her live, because she had finally come to my hometown of Georgia. I was watching her live when all of a sudden she sat down on her knees and started to dance sexually to tease the crowd. I really didn’t want...

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The Sexual Exploration of Ariana Grande

by Jakie837 on Jul 21, 2015
Fan Fiction

Firstly, before we begin the story, you must decide. Would you like to read through as Ariana Grande herself, or as the lucky man/woman partnered with her?What's next? Ariana Grande The Lucky Gentleman What's next? Ariana Grande The Lucky Gentleman...

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Focus On My Ass

by codymb15 on Mar 23, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This story is intended for people over the age of 18. I do not own Ariana Grande or anything associated with her, and I make no money from this story. I've honestly never heard some of the songs referenced here, so any Ari stans, feel free to roast me in the comments for any inaccurate representation. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------...

Did I Just Kiss Ariana Grande?

by fflover58 on Sep 12, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Avery Stills twirled the plastic sword in her drink, totally absorbed in maintaining the circular pattern. The 24 year old beauty had already forgotten which number this drink was for her, but enough to cloud her usually sharp mind. She paid no mind to the bass bumping beat, nor the hundred or so screaming people partying inside the club she occupied. Avery...

Ariana Grande Possessed For Revenge

by Theninjagamer308 on Jun 2, 2020

(Just for the record I know Ariana loves her fan’s. I just did it for the purpose of this story) Your name was Roy, and you were so excited to meet Ariana Grande. You meet her backstage, and said hi. Ariana gave you an annoyed look, and started to walk away. You follow her she turns around. “Now look I’m not going to tell you this again beat it I’ve had a ru...

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Celebrities Go Big

by dingsdongs on May 24, 2020

I recently started to experiment with breast expansion morphs and will use this story as a way to share them. I want to post these images together with a few sentences of caption or possibly something that could qualify as a short story. My image editing skills will hopefully improve with time and practice, and I believe that you can already see a difference...

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Ariana Grande: Sibling Rivalry

by metron18 on Sep 12, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: This isn't real, it's all a fantasy. I own nothing except the caricatures of the people involved in this story. Ariana Grande: Sibling Rivalry Codes: M/F, inc, rough, cons, anal, viol Also note: There's some homophobic and racist language in here. I am not either of those things, I have never been, nor will I ever be. Hating someone for their...

Naked with the Stars

by 57 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Despite celebrities considers themselves some kind of special people, they’re just like us, the common ones, and they can live the same problems or embarrassing experiences that normal people could face. In this story, we will see that happen: Different celebrities, females, will live some curious and naughty adventures, in which they will lose all her cloth...

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Celebrities Blacked

by Yelawolf on Aug 27, 2019

Welcome to my new story. This is where we can read about our favorite and beautiful white actresses getting the dick that they deserve. These stories can be either in the actually show like Game of Thrones or Friends. Example Monica walk into the club with Rachel trying to find a good place to sit. When she see a large handsome black man waving them over. Or...

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Celeb Possession

by lazyninjas4 on Jan 27, 2017
Fan Fiction

Your name is Jeremy Jones. You are an 18 year old male who was walking home from school when you come across a shining red rock on the ground. You pick it up off the ground and take it home with you. Going up to your bedroom you hold the rock in your hand and look at it while looking up what it might be on your laptop. You start typing away when a random ad...

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