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Infinite Scroll

Women of Color

by Loeman on Sep 26, 2017

A collection of tales where various non-white (or mixed race) women are cruelly used, with a focus on raceplay as a part of the backdrop of their degradation. RACIALLY CHARGED CONCEPTS AND LANGUAGE WILL BE USED. Non-consent, incest, and more dark stuff will almost certainly be present. Enjoy. AUTHOR'S NOTES These stories, like any stories I write, are purel...

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by duh48 on Dec 24, 2019

Derek’s girlfriend was born with a rare genetic disorder. Derek’s Girlfriend, Julie was born with Race Switch Syndrome (R.S.S.), a condition that causes the mental and physical features of the individual to vary at will between the racial backgrounds present in there genetic makeup Julie was considered quite the anomaly in the medical community since the she...

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Black New World Order

by Wildone101 on Oct 14, 2018

(Quick Disclaimer: This story will contain a lot of triggering fetishes. Things such as cuckoldry, raceplay, light BDSM, bisexuality, sexual domination, bimbos, racial superiority, and other things of the like. If any of those offend you, this may not be the story for you. Also, I'm not that good of a writer. I just want to get the outline out there for the...

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Freedom to Fuck

by SexistAliien on Nov 15, 2015
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

This is an interactive version of my existing series of Freedom to Fuck stories, which can be found online pretty easily. In this Utopian vision of the future, women have no rights whatsoever and cannot say no to anything a man wants them to do. Advanced technology allows quick and simple body and mental modification, used by men to improve the women in thei...

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Strapon Tales

by thesub on Oct 8, 2005

There are tales of the Strap on Sex Variety. I want to see girls giving to guys up the ass with a big strap on cock. Choose from one of the options below: The first scenario is you get sent to and all women’s prison but you’re a guy. You get caught for reckless diving but the male prison is over crowed. So you get sent to a rough prison with corrupt female g...

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I'm No Man, I'm Her Asian Bitchboy Ch. 01

by Veryrespectable on Feb 11, 2019

I'm trying to write fiction that combines somewhat rounded, believable characters while still retaining a high ratio of smut per paragraph :) I would be grateful for constructive feedback and criticism. If you like it I'll post Chapter 2. Trigger warning: raceplay (Caucasian woman on Asian man). They say that in successful relationship each party takes on...

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Size Matters

by idahoboy on May 5, 2015
Science Fiction

Adam rushed into his room after school. His dick was already straining in his pants. It seemed like it was getting harder and harder to make it through a day of school without jerking off. The young man had taken to blowing a load in the toilet at lunch. Today, he couldn't find an empty stall before the bell rang. The boy dropped his pants wrapped his hand a...

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I'm No Man, I'm Her Asian Bitchboy Ch. 02

by Veryrespectable on Feb 25, 2019

The story so far: Anne is a beautiful and charismatic white woman living with her short, weak and submissive Asian boyfriend. Anne treats him as her "her cute Asian bimbo fucktoy." After he cums without properly asking for Anne's permission, Anne decides corrective measures are needed to remind him that he is no real man and that his role in life is to get...

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fucking women

by BladeGod on Dec 7, 2018
Fan Fiction

What if you could have any woman for yourself? any way you want? here you can!! if you can imagine it the scene will be seen here in your mind as the story unfolds before you!! also everyone in these storylines is over 18 (if you would like to have a short amount of chapters written for you please pm me and we'll figure sometjing out :))What's next? Hermion...

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Changing the Rules

by street0 on Sep 24, 2010
Mind Control

Josh West was checking out his new phone. The touchscreen was sleek and easy to use, and he quickly found himself buying some apps to match his interests. He spent ten minutes playing around with an app that let him jiggle boobs in any photo just by moving his fingers. When he exited, there was an app icon that he didn't remember buying. "Rules of the W...

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