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You Are An Orc

by Jesse7747 on Jun 8, 2018

Authors Note: This is a massive story being updated and transferred from "editthis.into". It has something for almost everyone (harem, incest, nonconsent, gender swap, body swap, futa, etc.) so if you don't like a thread poke around. New content is being added as well as old chapters. A lot of old threads just abruptly end so if you want more of so...

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Unlimited Online

by Lake_Nine on Dec 5, 2017
Science Fiction

Humans, we are explorers, we yearn deep inside to go where no one has gone before. To tame new lands, to face new challenges, to discover new wonders. Inside each of us is an adventurer. In the real world there are no new mountains, but in UO there is more than you could dream of. New lands, new races, new sights sounds and smells. It doesn't matter who you...

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Body Swap

by The_Technician on Sep 15, 2017

In some future time, prisoners can agree to a body swap with someone older than themselves so that they become the age they would be when their sentence is complete. Robert Voleman sees this as a way to get out of jail early to continue his predatory life. The final result, however, is not quite what he expected. This story deals with forceful, non-consensu...

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Body Swap Stories

by Lake_Nine on Sep 8, 2018
Mind Control

Like and comment on any work you like and want to see more of Sitting at home you sigh laying on your bed scrolling through your social media feed. It was filled with the normal dumb bullshit but you also saw beautiful girls by the truckload, and they all looked like they were having more fun than you. You stopped at a picture of your step-sister trying to f...

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My Mom Is A Witch!

by M3t3r0x on Oct 8, 2017

Alan Connor is just a regular high school student, 1,80cm tall, fairly average in body proportions and looks. In school, he is above average, had a handful of friends, and is overall happy. He used to be a very quiet child, but ever since his puberty started, he became more social - and moody. He gets along well with his friends and most other people, howeve...

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Please Hold My Titties Ch. 08

by LIVINRFANTASIES on Sep 15, 2017

Car-Bike Show and Swap Meet Vendors. 'Pasties and G-strings.' Many places have events such as this. A monthly car show consisting of antique cars, street rods, muscle cars, etc. along with a large used parts swap meet. Woopie, held in an old fair grounds... coincidentally at Woopie, Florida, is well known by car guys. This evolved into a bike show and b...

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Husband Swap Pt. 02

by SlightlyRude on Jan 23, 2019
Loving Wives

"So how was my dear husband, this time?" I asked my best friend Irena. "Fucking great!" she answered. "In every sense! How did you enjoy my husband?" "Bloody marvellous!" I said. "As always, of course." I'm Nisha and Irena is my best friend. We make quite a contrast. I am a typical Indian girl (though I was born in England and my parents were born in Ugan...

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Zack's Body Part Swapping Remote

by M3t3r0x on Sep 26, 2017
Science Fiction

The alarm ringed, ripping Zack out of his sleep. He glanced at the clock. 7:12. "Great. I'll be late. Eh... who cares.", he thought to himself. The longer he lived his usual life, the less he seemed to care. At first he was concerned at the loss of emotions, but the more time passed, the more accepting he was of it. Or rather... unbothered? The doo...

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To Swap Or Not To Swap Ch. 02

by Someyummy on Sep 17, 2017

To swap or not to swap. Margo and I didn't take long getting back into thee "mood" after our first round of sex. Our respective mates, Bob and Carol Sue were upstairs, balls ass naked and fucking up a storm and we could have cared less. In the spa, we had already decided that this first swap night would be one in which we would get to know each others m...

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The Other Side

by Lake_Nine on Sep 26, 2017
Science Fiction

You finish the last document on your computer before checking your phone. You see a text from Logan your girlfriend saying she was home and had gotten dinner. Looking at the time you realize you should probably go home yourself. Collecting your things you log off and lock up before making the walk to the elevators. As you pass through the darkened offices yo...

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