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Infinite Scroll

Dawn Discovered

by msnomer68 on Sep 13, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Native Dawn Series book 14 Lycan Dawn book 3 Chapter 1 Hunter wasted no time getting down to business claiming Gina's body. Ravishing her with wild kisses. With feverish anticipation, freeing the buttons of her blouse from the buttonholes like a child unwraps a gift on Christmas morning. His fingers trembled as they traced a path over her silky skin....

Lady Justice: A Time Lady Reborn

by danieltravieso on Sep 13, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

*** Introduction: This story is vaguely tied to the mythology and characters of the sci-fi show Doctor Who. All trademarks, etc. relating to Doctor Who are the property of the BBC. The characters and events within it are entirely original creations. It is simply an offshoot of that established universe. *** *** *** Lady Justice: A Time Lady Reborn, Pa...

Owning The Girl Next Door

by Frognut on Sep 11, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Chapter 1 The Beginning It started one afternoon after I had gotten off work with my Dad, I was tinkering with my car in the driveway when I hear my name being called. I looked down the street and a friend of mines girlfriend was walking to me, I said hey Sherry what's up? she asked what I was doing tonight? I said going to cruse the beach for a couple...

Bare and Dead: Pauline

by davebccanada on May 11, 2020
Novels and Novellas

MIKE CLAYMORE MYSTERY #3: PAULINE ***** Chapter 1 "I am Richard, son of Michael, son of Mary Morris and Duncan Claymore. I don't understand, Dad. Why is Grandma as important in my lineage as Grandpa? Why is Grandma Claymore more important than Mom or her parents?" Father and son are bonding in a way they seldom have time to do daily. "Because your Gr...

Dawn's End

by msnomer68 on Sep 11, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Prologue Carter ambled aimlessly across the rugged terrain of the frozen wasteland. He waited with bated breath and some measure of both heady anticipation and a fair amount of dread for the Grim Reaper to finally find him. He longed for the insanity that would eventually come and escort him to a shadowy world of lunacy. Drugging his mind so his body wouldn...

Questionable Heroes

by Porridgemcgee on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Oscar is a down on his luck thief who starts dreaming the future. Robyn is a high school science teacher searching for answers after her mother is murdered. Romeo is a dangerous assassin plotting to infiltrate a secretive Columbian drug cartel. Johnny is an ambitious and manipulative nightclub owner looking to move up in the world. Zulse is a geeky unive...

Homicide In Hollywood North: Maxine

by davebccanada on May 13, 2020
Novels and Novellas

Homicide in Hollywood North another MIKE CLAYMORE MYSTERY #6: Maxine A novel by David Horton Copyright 2000 Chapter 1: Wednesday, March 5/97 Today Mike's glad to be home. Swinging his feet around and thumping the side of his head to clear out the noise of the humming diesel he rests one arm on the open window of the open door on his K100...


by A_Satori on Sep 19, 2017
Novels and Novellas

copyright ©2008 All rights reserved. (Author's note: This is an adventure/love story.) PART 1 -- REVIEWING IT ALL CHAPTER 1 He flexed his palms against the back of his head and kept staring at the endless blue above him. The smooth, dark gray rock beneath him was becoming too warm. He would have to move into the shade soon. He wished he had some sunscree...

Tender Mercies

by Phineas on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

This one is due to all the late, sleepless nights spent in Ken's basement as we put together the beginnings of an epic tale. None of us knew at the time just how much it would captivate our imaginations and, hopefully, the imaginations of others. Here's to Ken and Dave. Also note that this is part of a trilogy. The sequel to this is Yamara, and then the thi...

Dawn's Promise

by msnomer68 on Sep 12, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Native Dawn Series Part 2/ Rogue Dawn Book 1 Candace and Will's Story Dawn's Promise By: J. Lynn Scott Prologue The night was filled with the sounds of battle. The unearthly moans of the dying shattered the peaceful sanctity of the woods. Screams of terror echoed through the darkness. The air was thick with the scent of blood and the cloying, swee...