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Infinite Scroll

Porn God Ch. 05

by XFABLES on Oct 5, 2020
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Chuck drove the car over to the top thugs' sophisticated of the city's hangout, the Mafia mansion. Apostatize Entertainment ring is the formal name for the fort styled Victorian building. The righteous have no business here, but the place does not lack the rich, powerful and celebrities. Now, what does that say about those here? The ever-busy Mafia mansion,...

The Four F's of Driders

by KhepriDrone on Oct 29, 2018
Fan Fiction

Something was terribly wrong with my legs. More concerning was there was something terribly wrong with the number of legs I had. I was born with two, which I have never complained about. They had served me well, from getting up in the morning, to running away from bullies, to my morning jogs to keep me in shape. I was pretty happy with my legs, they were pro...

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Solo HMT Adventures #02

by sjmhmttep on Sep 12, 2017

May 24, 2009 Heavy Metal Thunder's Solo Adventures #2 Current mood:creative Heavy Metal Thunder Productions Presents... Copyright protected on May 2009. The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental. Warning! Some...

Holly's Story - Day 05

by Merganser20 on Aug 12, 2019
Incest/Taboo Holly's Story - Day 05

DAY 5 -- SUNDAY Holly stayed in her room on Sunday morning, thinking. Her adventure was moving too fast and taking off in unexpected directions. Wednesday her idea of a sexy adventure was showing off her bra and maybe getting her tits touched. She was so far beyond that now. She needed to sort things out, starting with what she liked and didn't like. Of co...


by Testytesterton on Sep 12, 2020

You are an 18 year old boy surrounded by bullies everywhere you turn. Your high school has apparently elected you the mascot of the losers and wimps and selected you to receive the lion's share of attention from the bully boys while simultaneously being ignored at best by the girls you lust after. At home, your family is cruel and controlling or coddling and...

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Bully Advice

on Sep 16, 2017

"BULLY ADVICE" by ==/\/ymph== (DAW) (C) September 2015 ... please do not reprint without permission. ***** Well Freshmen, returning back to college after Summer Break is just over the horizon. Are you ready? Have you figured out a way how to handle the senior bullies there when you get back - or have they just figured out new and more creative ways on how...

I'm a Slut for My Son's Bully Ch. 01

by andibob69 on Jul 6, 2020

Synopsis: PAWG mom strikes unconventional deal with son's bully to stop picking on his son at school, but ends up as the bully's fuck toy and enthusiastic bullying accomplice. Warning: there is one brief watersports scene, so if that's not your thing... ________ I glide the cum covered, massive dildo out of my pussy, basking for a moment in the bliss of m...

Sarah humiliated

by 9844 on Jul 29, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

You wake up, exited for the big day, but also worried about what you bully has in store for you. *Side note: This story is public, please feel free to add any chapters or storylines that you want.What's next? Last day of school! (Female bully) Sleep away camp (group of bullies) What's next? Last day of school! (Female bully) Sleep away camp (group of bul...

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Madam Warwicks Academy for Troubled Youth.

by Eruco91 on Sep 26, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Madam Warwick's the brainchild of Annabeth Warwick, (a former prison warden) and Frank Edwards (a retired IT engineer and veteran). The converted estate in upstate New York first opened its doors in 2005 to a carefully selected group of two hundred 18-20 year old female students. The student body had grown to over 800 in the ensuing years. The school is a s...

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Reality Warped

by Goliath on Nov 2, 2020
Mind Control

Someone near you has gained the ability to change reality. They could be a coworker, friend, family, it doesn't matter, they now can alter whatever they like. It could be your favorite food, the color of the sky or even passages in the Geneva convention, whether people notice it or not is for them to decide. For some reason or another they've set their sight...

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