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The bullies torment

by vitaminbleach on Nov 10, 2020
Mind Control

first of all this is my first story introduction page and it is subject to editing for the future pardon the mess but I just wanted to get started with the story Welcome to the bullies torment which will be a story of harassment and humiliation at the protagonist's expense and our enjoyment. this story will contain mind control, possession, and transformatio...

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I Was a Teenage Dimestore Novel Ch. 1

by Paul K. Merrill on Sep 14, 2017

Chapter 1: "It was the Dog's Fault, Honest" Ned was Red again. His parents taught him to be nice person, to keep his calm and not show anger. Unfortunately, they never taught him how to deal with it. So he bottled it up inside and stored it in his liver, where it simmered and bubbled. Then, every six months like clockwork, he would explode and let it all o...

An Uncommon Duo

by WarriorKing1836 on Nov 8, 2019

Note To Readers: Any feedback is welcome, especially questions and suggestions. Sometimes it's hard to look for the time and motivation and regular feedback would be very helpful, even tips for character traits or story lines Background: Chad Sanchez had become accustomed to the daily routine of his bullies perpetual torment. Every day, day in and day out,...

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Night Nurse

by Bacomicfan on Sep 11, 2017
Erotic Horror

The rivalry between Burgnew University and Wallcorn State had existed for some thirty-seven years, encompassing every sport the two schools competed in. But the fiercest rivalry gestated sixteen years ago, when the two high end universities started meeting more and more frequently in the interscholastic divisional football playoffs. The heat of that rivalry...

Mature Pussy needs Young Cock Ch. 01

by TeenStudforOlderWomen on Apr 24, 2018

Author's Comments: All characters in this story are at least 18 years old. This is Chapter 1 of the exploits of Hunter Collins, the 18 years old star quarterback of Plainview High School football team. Hunter had his pick of any sexy cheerleader or other girl at Plainview High School. However, his primary goal at the age of 18, was to score big points on...

School Trouble

by Urhr93 on Oct 27, 2016

Roze and Leon had been together since forever. When they were children Leon, mostly inspired by the grandeur of his name, often protected little shy Roze from bullies and because of that the two became friends and played all the time together. As they grew up their friendship grew into something more and during their high school years the two began to date,...

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The Sissifed Bully

by Emmint on Sep 16, 2017

Why did they have to walk in to my bar, they didn't even recognise me. Mike and Jennifer were the worst bullies at Danton High they made my life hell because I was overweight and depressed. I made sure they enjoyed the service, they stayed till closing. "I'll close up, guys, go home put your feet up." I walked over to where they were sitting. "Hi, have yo...

The Men of Boondock....Stripped!

by sack on Sep 16, 2017

The eight male faculty of Boondock Elementary School were worried. They had lost a very important bet to their women coworkers as to whose classes had read the most books over the summer. Whichever group lost the bet would get a spanking by the winners. In the case of the men, the agreement was ALL of the guys in the school would be paddled, not just the tea...


by 1Master on Aug 18, 2018

A Ford F-150 pick-up truck drove down a lonely stretch of road flanked by nothing but trees. I was relaxing in the back seat looking out the window, thinking about how my parents decided that we would be spending time at the family cabin. The drive to the cabin from my house is two days drive, far away enough that you don't have to worry about people disturb...

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Futa Timestop Mania

by Krk31 on Jul 2, 2020

Sophia was walking down the main shopping street of her home city. She had a busy last few days at college, but today she had no classes, so she had the whole day to relax. Sophia was not like other girls. She was born with both male and female reproductive organs. She didn’t have balls, but her body still produced a liquid that resembled sperm. This liquid...

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