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by Gorean on Apr 17, 2019

Surprisingly, you arrive early to school with the utmost eagerness to learn. It's almost ironic isn't it that you, a slacker and thug for your entire education would find yourself suddenly enjoying the boredom and imprisonment of high school as if it was the single greatest place on earth. Honestly, you could place your hand on your heart and say proudly wit...

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Oedipus Denied

by CuckSon237 on Sep 15, 2017

My name is Ruben, and for the majority of my high school career, my life was a living hell. This was due in no small part to a nasty piece of work called Dean. Dean was in the year above me and for some reason, out of all the kids in my school, he made his sole purpose at school to bully and humiliate me. Maybe it was because I'm Hispanic, maybe it was becau...

I'm a Slut for My Son's Bully Ch. 01

by andibob69 on Jul 6, 2020

Synopsis: PAWG mom strikes unconventional deal with son's bully to stop picking on his son at school, but ends up as the bully's fuck toy and enthusiastic bullying accomplice. Warning: there is one brief watersports scene, so if that's not your thing... ________ I glide the cum covered, massive dildo out of my pussy, basking for a moment in the bliss of m...

Spying as Arab Intern Fucks Stepmom

by I_Love_MILF on Jul 10, 2019

My stepmom's intern, Hussein, moved in with us not long ago. Initially, he was renting out a cheap room in our basement. The three of us all worked in the same office. At work, my step mother was 'Sara' - the boss. I was in a managerial position under her, and Hussein was the lowest rung on the ladder, an 'office intern.' Hussein was a stocky college kid. H...

My Bully Breaks Bed Fucking My Mom

by I_Love_MILF on Feb 12, 2019

This story contains no incest, but may contain scenes where a family member sees another family member having sex with a non-related person. ***** I had some apprehension when my mom put out an ad promoting her services as a part-time tutor for college students who needed extra help. As a student at the local college myself, I had a bad feeling about the i...

The MILF of the Party

by SlutProblems on Dec 2, 2019

Anonymous said: Hey love your blog. Can you do a story where a Milf makes a deal with her sons bully to stop him from bully him, but the only way he agrees to it is if she goes to his party and let him and a few of his friends see her naked but end up getting her drunk and fucks all of them. Letting them fuck all her holes and coming everywhere. * When my...

I'm a Slut for My Son's Bully Ch. 02

by andibob69 on Jul 13, 2020

I walk confidently to the front of the stage and take my bow to the biggest applause of the night. I killed it tonight. Hamlet can suck my cock, because I made it my fucking bitch. It's not like I'm unpopular. I mean, I'm a likeable kid. My life is hell for one reason: Jake and his dumbfuck friends. As I gaze over the audience one final time, I notice m...

The Return Of The Bully

by wonderer4 on Sep 19, 2017

(Note:This fictional story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent .This is a work of fiction, intended to entertain adult readers. It has graphic erotic scenes and offensive language. If you can't legally view this, please don't! All characters and names of the story are fictional! Any resemblance betwee...

My Mom Versus My Bully

by blizzardy12 on Sep 19, 2017

All characters are 18 and over. I knew Mom would overreact when she saw the black eye Seth had given me at the skate park. Being a scrawny and short guy, I got picked on and beaten up a lot. Mom was always the first one to really make me feel inadequate though. I knew how it embarrassed her that her pathetic son was too much of a pussy to defend himself....


by Smokey125 on Sep 12, 2018

Heads-up: it's Smokey BDSM time again. Clearly, you've clicked to read, and so—fair warning: this is intense. You've seen a number of elements like this in earlier stories of mine. But as always, the core story and plot are unique. Some of you will love it, some will not. And in both camps, you know who you are. Either way, this story is dedicated to anyone...