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Teased Beyond Comprehension Ch. 02

by delilah543 on Sep 15, 2017

Carolyn knew by the look on her daughter Laura's face that plenty had happened while she and her husband Jim were gone. She was dying to know the details figuring that whatever happened, both of her son's cocks had probably exploded like fire hoses given the amount of pent up passion. She wondered if they all ended up in bed taking turns with their sister, f...

Aunt's Plan Ch. 07

by angellz on Jun 15, 2020

I noticed my heavy breathing once I was empty. Her hands were still holding me as I moved backwards off the couch and fell on my knees. I dropped my head on her legs and my mouth tasted her pale skin moving up approaching her private area. Before I got there she stopped my head. She stood up still holding me against her skin. I kissed her thigh and after a...

A Baby for Maeby Ch. 01

by Nobston on Dec 14, 2020

This is my entry for the Literotica Winter Holidays Contest, I hope it wins ;-) Great job on the tune-up by my crew chief no1Uno, but if the wheels come off, I'm blaming him! Driver's prerogative! If you're a native of the great state of Wisconsin, please accept my apologies in advance. No offense is meant or implied, the opinion of one fictional, woman sh...

The McLarens Ch. 01

by Casanova747 on Jul 10, 2018

Chapter 1: I'll always love my mama To start let me state that everyone involved in this story is Aged 18 or over. Right now the legal bullshits out of the way with we can crack on with the juicy bits. To start I'll introduce myself, the names Kyle McLaren, im 20 years of age and im what most people would describe as a looker, an enjoyment of fitness and e...

The Twins

by gentleman_bill on Sep 15, 2017

(All characters in this story are over the age of 18) The twins first time was just a few days after their birthday. While Candy bathed, Sandy sat and stared at the poster of the lead singer of her favorite boy band. She was still wondering how it would be to actually meet him when Candy finished her bath. She ran a fresh tub of hot water and got in, still...

My New Roomie Ch. 02

by jrunner on Sep 15, 2017

After last nights actions I expected things to be different between my cousins and myself but I had no idea how different things would become with the rest of my family. The next day Jen and Jack talked me into going to see a movie with them. Afterwards they wanted to go shopping but I was ready to go home, largely because I was out of money. When I got hom...

Mom's Side of the Family

by willchalmers23 on Jan 21, 2020

It wasnt extremely hot and that the most thankful i had been in years. I was helping my mother move her stuff into her new house in Georgia, where she was living with her sister, Aunt Marcia and her niece, Natalie. Marica and her daughter wouldnt in the house for the next 4 weeks so I was home from college helping my mom get her stuff in the house. But it wa...

A Weekend at Grandmother's

by snagelcat2 on May 15, 2019

One summer when I turned 18, my grandmother asked me to spend the week-end. She had short hair and stood 5'3" tall. She had 29DD breasts that did not end. Every time I saw her my 8" cock would get hard and made my pants look like a tent. She would talk to me but her eyes were glued to my cock. She would never say anything about it but I know she liked it,...

The Boys and the Moms in Mexico Ch. 02

by TeenForMILFs on Sep 14, 2017

Dinner had ended and seemed like it was time for sex, after the moms had been groping the boys under the table. Boy, was I wrong. Each mom grabbed the hand of a boy and escorted them to a ballroom in the hotel. The moms had rented out a small ballroom for a "show," my mom said. As each guy reached the entrance, a blindfold was put on us. The moms began to g...


by BlackSnake on Sep 15, 2017

Edited by Rozezwild My day ended up being a bust. I was at my studio apartment alone drinking cognac and coke, and listening some hot Jamz trying to keep my spirits high. I ran through all the digits in my cell, and even dug out my old black book. The only girl I in contact with had screaming kids in the background. I cooked my self a fat steak and a potat...