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Could I?

by kjb021784 on Sep 15, 2017

If you like this story, and want to read more, then email me or vote for this. I’ll post Chapter 2, and I promise, it’ll be one of the hottest you’ve read. I guess you could call me a normal kid. I grew up in a normal town, with a normal family, friends, and everything else. I was the epitome of average. I had just graduated high school, and had moved away...

Mom Tucks Son In

by Redrocket on Sep 15, 2017

Well here goes, I’ve wanted to write a story about my experiences for many, many years. It all started when I was 18. My dad was not around much during those years. He was off working out of town and it just wasn’t a job he was working on it was a lot of women too. My mom knew about it and so did my two younger brothers and myself. Mom was pretty open abo...

CFNM Adventures in India Ch. 04

by cfnmlover64 on Jul 14, 2020

"Ramesh, why are you naked? And why are you hard? Nanda, did you two go swimming? Why is he naked, then?" "Mom, we did go swimming! Ramesh is great at it! I couldn't catch up with him! Of course, he can't swim naked in public, but he can be naked at home!" "But why? Doesn't he have any shame?" "Mom, he's not a woman. He doesn't need modesty. When you were...

Change of Plan Ch. 3

by Frederick Carol on Sep 19, 2017
Erotic Couplings

This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism invited. I'm sorry that this one has been so long in coming, but I needed to finish my dissertation! ****************** While we had been making our plans and Lisa had been 'phoning Jeff, Mrs Larson had been working in the ho...

Sibling Sex Education Ch. 01

by SplendidSpunk on Sep 15, 2017

It was just too nice a day to be sitting in college. It was the first really nice day after a cold snowy winter and I wanted to get out and enjoy the warm sunshine. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of my friends so I ended up deciding to go home. My parents would both be at work and I wouldn't have to explain why I skipped out on the classes they had paid...

Surprise From Calvin

by s_kitten_1 on Sep 15, 2017

I had just had my eighteenth birthday last weekend. Today is my brother's eighteenth birthday; his party is tomorrow, so we are all celebrating tomorrow. Alright we aren't actually siblings, however nobody will tell us if we are half siblings. A strange thing happened, my mom and his dad had had an affair. As well as my dad and his mom had an affair. None of...

Life and Times of the Carr Family Ch. 02

by Tazz27 on Jan 7, 2018

Alison Carr sat semi breathless in her suede recliner, her mind still raced about what all just happened as she watched her son’s friend Carl and his girlfriend Rebecca dress and leave her home. James kissed his girlfriend deeply as she exited out the door then bumped knuckles with his friend as he went as well. James slowly shut the big oak door and locked...

Christmas With the Sheldrakes

by Toolboy5 on Sep 15, 2017

1. In the gathering dusk of Christmas Eve, Ryan drove through the darkening countryside, hoping he would make it to the small town where his parents and brother lived before the snow arrived. All day, the weather experts had been gazing into their crystal balls and it looked distinctly possible that their predictions for a White Christmas were about to com...

The Long Trip Ch. 04

by Philyabutt on Sep 16, 2017

Back on the road once more Lyn drove with her son Steve next to her. Her husband Ron was still asleep in the back seat and was completely oblivious to the fact that his wife and son had just been fucking each others brains out on the car bonnet a few minutes before. As she drove, Lyn couldn't believe how satisfied her son had made her. Steve's cock was no l...

Getting Over Dad

by FeverDreamer on Sep 15, 2017

They watched through the open doorway at the front of the house as he tossed the last of his bags in the trunk of the large car, and then walked to the driver's side door. He glanced up at the two figures at the house, and then looked as if he thought better of saying something. He lowered his head and climbed in. The car started up and backed out of the dri...