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Freudian Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 01

by Winch3ster on Sep 15, 2017

Three years ago, my life completely changed when I discovered that I was adopted. My "parents" had meant well, raising me in the best ways they could think of, but the truth of the matter was that no matter how hard they try to pretend I fit in with them and their other kids, the more ridiculously obvious that I never would it became. First off, both my sist...

Getting What She Wants

by Woffen on Sep 15, 2017

When my husband died suddenly on the job it was a shock to all of us. My son, Brian, and my husband had been estranged for years even though he was only 19. He had moved out at 16, found a job and finished school on his own with my help of course. My daughter didn't get along with her father either but still lived in the same house. My husband and I hadn't s...

Jen's Dream

by Scanner on Sep 15, 2017

Peggy Knolls watched as the people strolled the isles of her area. She had been working here for 26 years and she knew every nook and cranny by heart. She had been in the ladies intimate apparel for 17 of those years, and to say that she loved it was an understatement. She had always liked men, hell she had practically been married to Tom, but women had al...

Traveling with Mom in Thailand

by DS299 on Sep 16, 2017

Author's Note: Thousands of people read these stories, very few comment. I'd love to hear what you thought, or any parts that resonated with you -- especially if you're an older man or woman. Also, these characters are based on very specific individuals who I have pictures of and would consider sharing with the right person. Enjoy! When I was 22, I had a l...


by jaybee on Sep 15, 2017

There are just a few things to keep in mind when talking to Dad about money - dress short, reveal lot. And when you are down on your finances, desperate to keep your apartment and your appearances, you don't think much of the propriety of acting sultry with your father. Especially when your mother isn't of much help. Then again, I guess I deserved it. I wal...

A Family Controlled Ch. 04

by otakuinshiner on Sep 15, 2017

thanks again I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this story. To say the next few day where awkward would be a huge understatement. I hardly saw Suzzy mostly because I didn't leave my room unless I had to eat. Plus Suzzy spent Sunday night and Monday after school at her friend Allison's house. The thought of me fucking my sister was driving me crazy. This...

Family Affair Ch. 08

by JoeZ on Sep 15, 2017

Tonight is the big party night. According to Helen the whole family should be here, including some I had not met. I was assured that everyone who would be here had, at one time or another, been a guest at a party in the past. That meant that family fucking was all part of their makeup. Usually any new members became part of the family at some later date. She...

Queen of Wolves

by Xarth on Jul 25, 2018

The moon was full and bright, high up above us. We ran through the forest effortlessly, blood pumping hot in our veins. I could hear the other three behind me, there was no need to turn my head and check on them. We'd been together so long I wouldn't have worried even if I couldn't sense them. The four of us had split from the main pack, but I couldn't say...


by komrad1156 on Jul 9, 2019

Tallahassee, Florida "Bianca? Honey. I'm sorry, but the answer is 'no'," her mother said, doing her best not to let the irritation show. "Dad would let me go!" her 12-year old daughter threw back in her mother's face in a very snotty tone of voice. Colby Delaney was 35, and after getting married just a month after turning 21 and staying with her ex-husban...

Detroit City - DGH Ch. 01

by DG Hear on Sep 14, 2017

Note from Jake Rivers: This is my fourth semi-annual "invitational." The initial one was based on the Statler Brother's song, "This Bed of Rose's." The second used the Marty Robbins El Paso trilogy: "El Paso", "El Paso City " and "Faleena." The third had stories based on the various versions of "Maggie May" or "Maggie Mae." The current invitational has loose...