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My Grandmother Teaches Me About "Life" Ch. 08

by kingswede on Sep 15, 2017

This is the eight in a series of chapters of how my grandmother and her friend/ friends instructed me on the ways of PLEASURING older, oversexed, ladies. All people / charters in these stories are older than 18 and younger than 75. Any resemblance between real people and ones in these stories is just a coincidence. List of charters for this chapter; Grandm...

Cousin Becky Ch. 2

by jacksgirl on Sep 15, 2017

One night I awoke, and there was quite a rain storm pelting my windows. I tiptoed past my parents' room and went downstairs to get a glass of milk. Halfway through the living room, I noticed a dim light on in the kitchen. There were quiet voices, which at first I thought were my dad and mom; but getting closer, I realized it was Becky and Dad. They were sitt...

It Wasn't My Fault

by RUReddy on Sep 16, 2017

Let me start by saying that what happened wasn't my fault. Not entirely anyway. I mean, come on, I was a virgin and Stephen wasn't. Of course, instead of believing me, Mom sided with Stephen (big surprise!). I'll tell you what happened and you'll see. First off, my brother Stephen is a pervert. He's also not really my brother. When I was four, Mom married...

Another Incredible One Ch. 04

by one4me on Sep 15, 2017

There's no way that I can go any farther without mentioning – yea, even devoting a whole chapter to what I consider the most amazing female I have ever had the fortune of laying my hungry eyes on: Rita! I haven't mentioned yet the first moment I saw her, but I'm here to tell you, it was nothing short of thrilling! Can you imagine how exciting it is to arri...

Dear John Ch. 06

by jott50 on Jun 12, 2019

The final chapter. I hope you enjoyed this series. Please vote and constructive comments are appreciated. There is no sex in this final chapter. *** It's been over twenty years since Sunny brought up the subject of her mother. I was holding her youngest daughter while rocking on the top deck of our new home. After our two daughters started their life, Ka...

Our Family Vacation Ch. 03

by tastycandy on Oct 31, 2018

(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older) I would like to thank my editor Todger65 Our first night Day 1 'I woke up from the best dream of my life. While on a road trip with my family I had jerked and/or sucked 3 cocks through a hole in a bathroom wall and even made some money doing it too. If only it were true...

Convoluted Tale Ch. 03

by jaydoe999 on May 22, 2018

Saturday: As we both recovered from what (at least for me) was the most wonderful act of lovemaking ever, Carol (my Mom) and I both realized that it was early afternoon and that we both needed to get out of bed. We looked at each other and smiled that smile that can only be shared between lovers. We went into the kitchen to finish the breakfast that had bee...

Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 05

by Nymfoholic on Mar 27, 2019

I woke up to a low buzzing sound. Memories of last night came flooding back. My mother and my aunt had made love, and not quietly, right in the tent next to me and Daddy! Apparently they were at it again. I could hear my mom moaning and grunting while aunt Margret power fucked her with a dildo. I looked over at daddy but he was sleeping still. I stared at...

I Can't Make It Without Mom's Ass

by Anal_King on Sep 15, 2017

My hands were shaking. The knot in my stomach was a constant reminder of what I had to do if I was ever going to be sane again... She, who is my mother, was sitting on the couch reading one of her many romantic novels, oblivious to my pain. Before I get into my problem allow me to describe what has been torturing me for the past five years: My mother is wha...

A Foreign Affair

by smudgebucket on Sep 15, 2017

It was the summer after I had graduated from high school that I really had my life turned upside down. You would think that it would be one of the most memorable, fun-filled times of a young girls life and in a way I suppose it was. Yet I could never have imagined that events would take such a radical turn for my family and I. That we would turn into such se...