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Futanari Lockdown

by Saiova on May 17, 2020

So, here's the deal yea, the government has passed a bill allowing the chastity of Futanari rapists. Its is your job to turn them into productive members of society, one way or another. In this story, you take up the mantle of a Professional Keyholder with full power over multiple Futanari's ability to pop or pressurize their needs while they serve their tim...

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Truly permanent chastity

by LockUpTheWolf on Apr 14, 2020

Sometimes things happen - things you'd never expect. So let me tell you a story about one such a thing. I (my name is Christopher, but everybody calls me Chris) moved to Texas from Europe about 10 years ago, just a few years after I finished my University. A month after I migrated I met Jane - she was wonderful, a thin but very feminine and "rounded" woman....

Blood Vengeance

by FrankShankly on Jan 2, 2020

Note: This story takes place in a fantasy world, with humans, elves, orcs, giants, centaurs, minotaurs and more. It also revolves heavily around feminization and "sissification" of people who previously identified as men, largely in the context of relationships between humans of different races, or between stereotypically "fairer" and mor...

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Ball Magic

by nicetits on Mar 18, 2018

The first thing Kate felt that morning was sun shining through the window landing on her face. She turned over and picked up her phone from her bedside table. 9:46 a.m. on June 6th. "Only one week until my birthday," Kate thought. "Kate Howard is going to be 25 in one week." She stood up and looked around her childhood bedroom. She was ho...

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I Get Some Sort Of 'Reward'

by MikeGinsburg on Sep 17, 2017

After having been dominated exclusively by my beautiful, sexy wife, Betsy, our entire relationship of 30 years, I had a perfect life. I love it when she'd dominate and humiliate me. But at times, the recent activities of her friends abusing me had become too much. Add to that, that our three teenage daughters knew of my tiny genitals, and that I was being d...

Ella's House of The Way Forward Ch. 11

by Sputnik57 on Sep 18, 2017

Gray's cock returned to a full erection despite having already indulged in the luxury of two ejaculations earlier in the day as he was pulled naked over a chair, his ankles bound to the rear legs, his wrists to the front ones. He would receive the cane from the young ginger Hattie while Ella, Constance, and Penelope Minter and the maid Lorna looked on enthus...

From Dominion to Slavery

by ChristopherMaxwell on Sep 14, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Empress sat on her throne, trembling as the enemy approached her Great Hall. Her lower lip quivered, goose bumps formed on her flesh, and the chill of fear gave her the shivers. The Nasucrean Empire had fallen, and there was no saving it. She was the last Empress, the end of a long line of female sovereigns who had dominated the civilized world. Sadly...

Womanhood for Jenny Ch. 02

by slutty_jannelle on Sep 18, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

NOTE -- This is a work of fiction, intended only for the entertainment of adult readers. * Despite the discomfort of her 'boob-job,' and the other surgeries, jenny had enjoyed their Caribbean 'vacation.' During the drive from the airport, she was impatient to show her friends the 'new jenny,' but felt the weariness of the return trip. She was happy when Ma...

Erin Ch. 07: Pierced by MIL

by Graves94 on Mar 2, 2020

{Note: This is the seventh in a multi-part story series describing the evolving relationship of a woman who provides leadership and discipline for her husband. Each installment can stand alone, but they read much better if you start at the beginning. Go to: Erin Ch. 01 - Female led Relationship. JQGraves} ******** "Oh... Yeah... Oh yes. That's sooo good....

Gallons of Cum

by 12por on Mar 13, 2020

Chris woke up in a fog. What was happening he brought his hands to his face and felt a tug on his forearm. Looking down he saw a needle leading to an IV Drip. He couldn't remember what happened to get himself here, only that he felt his balls swell right before passing out. Under the covers of the bed he could feel a plastic device underneath the sheets. The...

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