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Goody Two-Shoes

by JukeboxEMCSA on Sep 17, 2017
Mind Control

"I'm not quite sure that this is a good idea." The words hung in the air, and each of the two women walking down the hallway interpreted them in an entirely different way. Nicole, who had said them, actually wanted to say, "This is a terrible idea," but Chastity was the sort of friend who had a way of working on your brain and convincing you to do things th...

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Collecting Catholics: Chastity

by Sosela on Sep 12, 2017

"You have to come see this!" Catherine giggled conspiratorially, looking left and right to make sure no teachers or nuns were around. Mt. St. Vesper Ladies Finishing School was quite strict, and the staff tended to spy on their students even though they were of legal age. It was a catholic college in all but name, and even though the Dean said that student...

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Chastity Debauched: Penitent

by MorganHawke on Sep 15, 2017

In Which Chastity has an appointment with the Unholy Father... For Bear Part One: The Club “I can’t believe my Dad had me to come to his company pool party at the Club.” Chastity grumbled to herself while standing before the tall mirror completely nude. She stared into the mirror’s reflection of her deep violet eyes as she tied her waist-length, strawberr...

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Secrets of the Deep Ch. 01

by Lady Malachite on Sep 14, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Once upon a time, when magic was everywhere and wishes still came true, there was a tribe of women of such distinguished beauty and insatiable lust, that the sun itself stared open-mouthed at them, and the corals turned their heads to listen to their sinful moaning. And because they seldom were seen in anything resembling clothing, they were known in the hea...

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Carl & Chastity: 1st Date

by Ninjafish on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Carl got to the wine bar about ten minutes late, fortunately he arrived just before Chastity. One thing that he felt never looked good was making a lady wait especially on a first date. The date started a little awkwardly, as most dates do but this one was because Chastity couldn't remember what Carl looked like at all. Luckily for her, Carl more than made u...

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Innocence Lost Ch. 02

by bradley_stoke on Sep 14, 2017
Novels and Novellas

In Which Blanche learns the Truth about Innocence and Chastity, whilst Chastity furthers the experiences of Innocence. Innocence's sister, Chastity, had many friends, some of whom came from other shires and parishes. One such was Blanche, who came from Brook, a county, Innocence was fascinated to discover, where naturism was pretty nearly the rule and where...

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Becoming Friends Ch. 02

by mrbillcollecta on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

"What time are we expecting Chastity over for drinks baby?" Stefan quizzed. "About 7 or so and she is bring the Margarita mix with her!" Kenya yelled from the bedroom. He replayed the events that unfolded before him in his own bedroom a few short hours ago. Seeing Chastity tugging and sucking on Kenya's huge 42DD tits was definitely the highlight of his da...

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Romancing the Raptor

by Cashmere_Snow on Sep 15, 2017

Tiffany. Maria. Sandy. Destiny. Chastity repeated the names to herself as she directed a coy smile at the man she had brought back to her apartment. Tiffany. Maria. Sandy. Destiny. They were the names of the women he had raped and then sent to the grave in one case and into the ICU with the others. They were women like her—women who shared an... affliction...

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Carl & Chastity: 3rd Date

by Ninjafish on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Carl and Chastity spoke for over an hour once they were both home, the cinema, dinner and alleyway activities clearly had not been enough for either of them. Carl had made the phone call, but secretly Chastity was already planning on doing the same thing but had just been beaten to the punch. There was a spark between them that caused butterflies to dance e...

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Use Your Sisters Instead

by Spector_Dugan on Apr 18, 2018

Anyone who's read my stuff knows I like it when things get a little goofy. Well this is definitely the silliest story I've written so far. If everything must be super serious, this story is definitely not for you. Everyone is over 18. ***** Mary had a problem: her 19-year-old son, Michael, would not stop masturbating. Mary had never had this problem...

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