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Truly permanent chastity

by LockUpTheWolf on Apr 14, 2020

Sometimes things happen - things you'd never expect. So let me tell you a story about one such a thing. I (my name is Christopher, but everybody calls me Chris) moved to Texas from Europe about 10 years ago, just a few years after I finished my University. A month after I migrated I met Jane - she was wonderful, a thin but very feminine and "rounded" woman....

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Family Chastity Story Ch. 01

by antares34 on Feb 11, 2019

I have started to keep my 20 year-old son in a chastity cage. I am a staunch feminist and do not believe males should be freely able to orgasm. Ever. I live alone with my son and milk him once a month or so -purely for health reasons. The following is how one such event took place. Me: I almost forgot. Today is your milking day, isn't it? Him: Yes mommy....

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Mark & Lisa Pt. 01: Key-holder

by LockedSissySubmissive on Sep 25, 2017

When the doorbell rang I honestly thought I was hearing things, I'd lived in my apartment for two years and I don't think anybody had ever rang it before. It's not that I don't have any friends although if I'm being honest I don't have many, it's just that I live in a secure block and any visitors would ring the bell at ground level and then I would either c...

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Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 08

by chastity_sissy on Sep 25, 2017

"So, that is what you fantasize about? Having my hot boyfriend and me making you our little sissy bitch? Pathetic," my Ex said flipping through the pages of the story I had submitted to her, while I worshipped her sweaty pantyhosed feet per our already established agreement. I still couldn't believe an Ex of mine was actually a hot Hooters girl. Being one...

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How Chastity Changed My Life

by ronron1818 on Apr 22, 2020

My name is Mary and I am 45 years old. I am ok looking, nothing that spells out sexuality in any obvious way. My life changed dramatically last year when my husband Mike started to work as an accountant for an all female sex toy company; that is owned and managed by Lisa who is a very sexual and sexy young lady. Lisa is 26 years old; tall and thin. She ha...

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Feminizing First Step Ch. 03

by antares34 on Oct 21, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

(All characters are age 18+) *** I felt like I was losing control. My body and mind were becoming less and less masculine with every passing day. And I was secretly ENJOYING it. I couldn't help myself. Every time I looked in the mirror, I found myself loving the ever-changing reflection. First, my dyed pixie haircut. Then, my bikinis. Then, my nose, ear, a...

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Caged Husband = Happy Wife

by GeorgeSolomon343 on Nov 6, 2018
How To

By now, many women have seen or heard of enforced male chastity. The subject appears with increasing frequency in the mainstream media, and images of men locked in chastity devices have even appeared in a number of recent movies. Perhaps you have seen photos online of men locked in plastic or metal chastity cages. But, are you aware of the benefits that you...

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Chastity Mansion Ch. 01

by Shavvy3100 on Sep 25, 2017

Headache... It's cold in here... Am I lying on the floor? Bright light... Can't see a thing, everything is blurred... High heels clacking on the floor... Must be Eve... Did I pass out? "Eve, honey what happened?" "Ah, you finally woke up. Welcome to Chastity Mansion! How does the cage feel?" Am I awake? Can't be, I must still be dreaming. I'm in a room fu...

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She Teases You With Unhappy Ending

by emka888 on Sep 19, 2017
Loving Wives

It was Friday morning and hubby knew this was the most special day of the week. He would be woken up by his wife and she would taunt him with inventing once again a very strange game for the day. This morning was no different and he was expecting this time to be very special. His wife told him several times this week that for his birthday she would invent...

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Wendy Owns My Fantasy

by bleedndkn on Sep 24, 2019

I met my girlfriend, Wendy a few months ago at the library where she worked while I was doing research with historical primary sources. We hit it off right away. I asked her to coffee and we were thrilled by each other's company. Later that night she invited me back to her place and we began having amazing sex as often as possible from the first exhilarating...

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