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A Wife's Awakening Ch. 02

by steve_cuck_burrows on Sep 14, 2017
Interracial Love

(Continuation of Chapter 1—reading it is recommended) Val is now owned by Blacks, and offered on the net for fucking. Well, it had happened that people had seen my wife naked, as I wished, but my God, much more. She was now Black-owned. She had been fucked in all holes by eighteen guys so far, and for God's sake, many more to come. I was incredibly torn....

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Man at The Bar

by MissFaith on Sep 17, 2017

It was a warm evening. One of those that carry the slight hint of autumn in the air but the promised coolness hasn't arrived yet. The sun was softly sitting on the horizon as people bustled past as I sat on the bench and awaited my date for the night. We had met a few times and I was beginning to get comfortable with him. I had chosen to be brought by my car...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 02

by Miguel59 on Sep 13, 2017
Loving Wives

Fifteen minutes later Jean pulled into the driveway, hit the button, and opened the garage door. She considered the dark house a good sign. She was as eager to see her cuck as he was to see her. She pictured him up in her bedroom, laying on her bed, flat on his back, a towel underneath him. She had always been a creamer and they had incorporated a towel in t...

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Carol, Candy & the Ex Pt. 02

by corduroysissy on Mar 26, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

(Will Candy make a good cuck?) Davie was standing at Carol's front door dressed in a pair of copper brown wide-wale corduroy dress trousers, and a beige polo shirt. Oddly enough, he felt more nervous than he did the night before when he was in full drag, and he attributed it to the ex-factor. Last night Davie as "Debbie" was there to meet Robbie as "Candy"...

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Cuckolding: The Lifestyle Ch. 01

by Karenkay on Sep 16, 2017
Interracial Love

Madison sat reading the book that her husband ordered for her online a few weeks ago for the second time. She sat on the living room sofa dressed in black lingerie that Ted bought her along with her favorite fluffy slippers. The book was about the subject of cuckoldry. A subject that Madison just learned about during a discussion recently with her husband Te...

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Cuckold Humiliation Story Time

by depositdutchess on Nov 8, 2017

If only you were a real man and not a cuckold loser. Then maybe, just maybe someone would actually want to fuck you and I wouldn't have to tell you about my amazing sex every night, haha! Clearly an impossible reality. A cuck likes you gets to sit at home and circle jerk his cock to the thought of me getting fucked by a real man. Honestly, you could never fu...

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Willing Cuck-Slut Husband

by mokey482003 on Sep 14, 2017

Waking up, he walked naked (as required by her very strict rules) into the kitchen to make coffee, his wife of 15 years already gone to work. Even though she was nearing 50, she still had a hot body that men were more than willing to sample, 5' 2" and 125 pounds. She had fairly large tits with huge nipples that swelled up when she was hot. On the counter, he...

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Holiday Inn, Rochester

by dsoul on Sep 15, 2017

Saturday, 12/01/13: 2:15 p.m. -- 8:34 p.m. I hooked up with my favorite couple in upstate Rochester once again. A good thing we found ourselves in Ever since I deleted my former Yahoo mail box, I couldn't find a means of getting at them, but as luck would have it, we found ourselves again. The hubby, Robert, and I exchanged cell numbers an...

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BBC for Hotel Hottie

by SirReal7 on Oct 29, 2018
Interracial Love

I stepped in the hotel room and looked the cuck up and down. He was pasty white and dressed in only pink panties. Blueberry candles scented the room nicely — not too sweet. I turned to the bed, and sitting on her knees atop multicolored blankets was a slender brunette. Her cropped hair was angled perfectly covering one eye. Her red lips parted in a devilish...

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Halloween Party

by cuck2serveU on Nov 26, 2017
Interracial Love

Trish and Brent hosted the Halloween bash this year. Once again Jennie was still busy with her new vanilla man so she opted to send a replacement for me to service. Once again it would be a surprise because that's how she rolls. As always, this party is the most expensive of the year because it's held at a hotel in Vegas and there is an entry fee for all cou...

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