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Infinite Scroll

Inflation World

by senoritawhat on Sep 26, 2017

Welcome to Inflation World! It's time to get started with your sexual adventures. Are you a boy, a girl, or something else?What's next? Boy Not a boy What's next? Boy Not a boy...

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Teaching My Wife Ch. 02

by jdrew2001 on Sep 26, 2017
Loving Wives

For a full background readers should review Part 1 before reading this chapter. Basically, this is the story of how my wife Ann, who used to be sexually adventurous, became more and more conservative and how I set out to change things back to and beyond the way they were. Besides the activities described in Part 1, Ann in the past had allowed me to use a wi...

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Sex story's

by Queen Death on Oct 30, 2016
Fan Fiction

Here are some random sex story's that i had on my computer so enjoy...What's next? The Chamber of Sexual fun Hermione Learns Her Lesson The slytherin fun The Hogwarts Express fun Hermione woke from a long sleep dream Hogwarts Express Sex Fun Ron's Accident Hogwarts Greenhouse 14 Malfoy's Cock ring The Forbidden machine Hermione's Discovery...

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Breeding Evolution

by kh211 on Jan 8, 2018
Science Fiction

The hangar was filled with noise. Hundreds of faceless troops were conversing with each other. Joking and laughing, making rude gestures with their pliable blank mannequin like bodies. At the end of the hangar, lights came up upon a stage with a single microphone. Behind the microphone, a brilliant purple flag swayed, the insignia of the planet Bredon flashi...

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The Lonely God.

by joshman110 on Aug 30, 2017

So guess what? You're a god. I know, right? It's pretty cool. Infinite power has a lot of perks. You can be whatever gender or species that you desire. You can go to any universe and do whatever the fuck you want. For example, you could go to world where high fantasy is the name of the game. You could be a brave dragon-slaying knight or a buxom princess with...

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The Bigger They Are

by fifi on Sep 14, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Mowgli and the village girl, who both was 18, and both had a balloon fetish, was walking through the jungle a early spring morning, and they both have taken some different shaped balloons with them, to have fun with, and the girl said 'Easy Mowgli! You are already so eager and horny!'. As the village girl took of her clothes, and said 'Let's begin the fun!'...

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by kh211 on Sep 26, 2017

Agent Johnson rubbed his eyes. It had been a long day, and was about to be an even longer night. He downed his third cup of coffee as he opened the door to his and Agent Heffner’s office. “Find anything new, Janet?” He asked, closing the door behind him. Agent Heffner sighed as she dropped the papers she was reading. “Nothing but this disc.” She presented th...

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Professor Explores The Limits Ch. 02

by Learningfast on Sep 15, 2017
Group Sex

Lettie awoke after about 20 minutes as Gus and Suzie began to move around her, preparing the room with more hand towels, lubricant and so on. She felt tired still, but immediately excited at the prospect of what was to happen next. She put a hand down between her legs and felt the gentle ache and the tenderness on her skin, from the men she'd accepted into h...

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The Demonic Idol

by bob10 on Sep 26, 2017

Life didn't offer a lot of joy for Lydia. Her only daughter was one of them. In fact it was the only thing her former fiancée. Unfortunately the bastard had left her after her pregnancy. She raised her daughter Mary alone, her parents didn't give a lot of help. She thought about finding someone but she failed. Now at 45 she didn't have the mind and the body...

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Capital Punishment in Texas

by Toxico on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

The debate on whether or not capital punishment is an effective deterrent to crime rages on, more vocally perhaps from those in opposition to it. Does capital punishment work to reduce crime? Texas has had a well deserved reputation for being the leading state in executions of death row inmates, so what better state to examine to find out if the death penalt...

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