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Infinite Scroll

The Perverted Overlord

by Lawless on Feb 1, 2016
Mind Control

In the year 2126 AD the world of online games was revolutionized by the game YGGDRASIL. Named after the World Tree of Norse mythology, YGGDRASIL is a fantasy-themed open world MMORPG. YGGDRASIL captivated gamers from around the world for more than a decade for 2 distinctly immersive reasons: -A highly customizable system consisting of more than 2000 classes...

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Robotic Girlfriend

by Samtheman23 on Dec 10, 2019

Here I am again; another lonely night in front of the television, wearing the same P.J's for a week and eating two day old food. I haven't always been like this. A month ago; I thought I had everything a guy would want in life. I had a great paying job as an accountant; a big apartment up town I called home and most of all... a hot girlfriend that I had sex...

Tomboy's Humiliation

by lordxorph on Mar 22, 2008

.What's next? Straitjacket and hood? Pink panties and a pink ballgag? Favorite Collar Good Old-Fashioned Rope What's next? Straitjacket and hood? Pink panties and a pink ballgag? Favorite Collar Good Old-Fashioned Rope...

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Men's day at school

by brokuly on Sep 9, 2015
Group Sex

It is an ordinary day of your last year at highschool. You are so bored and sleepy today that you just want this day to be over and go home. Autumn weather doesn't help much, it's cloudy and rainy. "Man, just one more hour and we can finally leave this place!" said Tom, your good pal. "Where are all the girls anyway, are they skipping classes?...

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The Animal Inside

by Luka32 on Apr 5, 2015

My name is Lucas Stone, and this is the story of how my life changed forever. Incest was made legal in the United Congress of Planets in 2148 after a serum made for colonist was developed to counteract genetic mutations caused by incestuous pregnancies. Space ships, colonization, terraforming, robotic servants, virtual reality, and customizable sex clones. T...

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Getting In Line Ch. 2

by Imaginator on Aug 30, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

I guess he was just another horny old guy who hadn't gotten any in a long time. I scanned his six-pack and quoted him the total, while my eyes kept scanning the parking lot outside the store, trying to catch a last look at her before she drove away. I blamed the old guy for once again interrupting my fantasy of her, of Anna, my mistress of delight. "That'll...

Fuck a Celebrity

by TurinTurambar on Dec 13, 2015
Fan Fiction

Through the power of being rich, attractive and having important friends, you managed to get into a prestigious club on VIP night. The place is swarming with celebrities of all kinds, and mostly women as well. Which of course means you're in the middle of some of the hottest actresses, singers, athletes and models this world has to offer. There will surely b...

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Finding True Love, and Other Tales

by Asizi on Mar 24, 2019
Erotic Couplings

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS IN ANY SEX SCENES ARE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR MORE IN THE SCENE OR WHATEVER AGE IS THE EQUIVALENT FOR ANY NON HUMANS NO MATTER WHAT AGE THEY MEET AT OR THE STORY STARTS THEM AS. Contributions to this story are welcomed. If you do contribute, be sure to read the guidelines and note the variables. Most importantly, follow Chyoa r...

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Naruto: Journey of a Shinobi

by Ragnockae136 on Apr 2, 2017
Fan Fiction

You are a Shinobi of Konohagakure's Sarutobi Clan, and the Illegitimate son of Asuma Sarutobi, you were raised by your mother In the village, as a child you always craved your father's attention, as an Teen however you seek to surpass him as a Shinobi. Now roughly eighteen years old you are in Konoha's Academy in the graduating Class. Prepare for your team.....

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You are nothing

by Macaw on Oct 27, 2016

((Use the customizable tab to the right for this story.)) Wow, that weekend just went like a blur. After spending the past weekend with your long-distance Girlfriend Sophie, you've been left satisfied and ready to go ahead with your usual week. London station is so boring especially on a Monday morning. You're having to wait every hour for this wretched trai...

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