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Daddy's Little Sissy Diaper Slut

by Satanicsissybitch on Jul 14, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

I absolutely love wearing my adorable pink pull-ups for Daddy and I really love being his cute little sissy diaper slut! Daddy had always loved playing the dominant role with women but it was me who has him addicted to sissies and I've always been a little diaper slut. Well, a pull-up slut anyway. I always felt the adult diapers were not only boring and blan...

PIXIE Sissy Stripper Ch. 04

by EROTICbearscribe on Jan 20, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

Author's Note: There is a category switch in this chapter. The beginning chapters can be found in GAY MALE. Seeing as what happens in this chapter, the new category is TRANSGENDER & CROSSDRESSERS. ***** THE PINK BOY was located in the warehouse district across town in an eclectic area known for its nightclubs and specialty bars. Within a six block radi...

Sissy's First Gangbang

by TaykenByDaddy on Sep 12, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

I had been seeing Daddy Larry for over a year at this point. He was the third cock I ever sucked and the one to claim my sissy virginity by being the first to fuck my ass. He was exactly my type; early 50s, stocky hairy build with a small gut and over seven thick inches of manmeat that wanted nothing more than a younger guy to drain his load. The more femini...

Panty Posers Ch. 06

by EROTICbearscribe on Oct 19, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

We entered our building and bumped into our downstairs neighbor Jerry. He was taking his trashcan back to his apartment. He set it down at the landing and gave us each a good look. He wasn't at all phased by our appearances. "Little early for Halloween, isn't it...boys?" he asked. We both were fully aware Jerry knew we were sissies. It was fairly obvious...

Daddy's Sissy Staircase Ch. 03

by SissyLoniOR on Sep 28, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

This is part 3 of a 3-part series, to understand better, go back and read parts 1 and 2. Thanks for everyone's comments, this has been my first story here at Literotica, and I have ideas for many more. Please feel free to contact me with ideas for future submissive sissy slut stories! My visits to Daddy now typically involve more time than just during the...

Pizza Delivery

by Spango on Sep 24, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

I could not believe that I was actually going to do it. I had been fantasizing about it for months. I was not really sure where I got the idea, but I had been watching a lot of sissy hypnosis videos online over the past few months, hoping to help release my inner girly girl, and perhaps the idea came from a scene in one of those videos. Anyway, it does not m...

James Explores Ch. 02: Daddy's Girl

by ShyBiSub on Sep 24, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

All Characters are over 18. The first part got wayy more views than I ever imagined so I decided to continue ;) Thank you *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*. Memories from Part 1 "Good girl. See you again next week, same time" He squeezed James' bottom in his hand. "Yes Daddy" The Crush James couldn't stop thinking of what happened that d...

The Emergence of Jocelyn

by JocelynF99 on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

"Oh daddy. Oh daddy, you make me feel so good." "Oh daddy, you make me so hot for your body." "I love it when you touch me. You make me feel so good." "Please daddy, please daddy, make love to me." "I need you so badly." "I need you inside me." "Ohhh, OOhhh..." "Please daddy, make me your woman." "Please daddy, please daddy, please fuck me." "Oh God...

Daddy's Sissy Staircase Ch. 01

by SissyLoniOR on Sep 28, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

I've cleared my calendar for the afternoon and going to be spending this time with my fwb Daddy. On the drive over to his place, it got me thinking, he and I have been FWBs for a long time, and this story is an attempt to chronicle how I went from being a newbie sissy wannabe to his addicted, shameless cock slut. This is my first submission ever here; I hope...

OMG My Daddy's a Sissy

by fittexanman on Aug 7, 2018

All characters featured in this fictional story are 18 years of age or older. ***** My wife was working the night shift at the hospital and it was just me and my Step-Daughter Ashley in the house. "Hey Daddy, can you come in here for a minute?" I entered her very pink room and sat on the bed. "what's up sweetheart?" "So um Daddy, my laptop died last nigh...