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Carl Hubay's Bi Interracial Orgy

by Samuelx on Sep 14, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Meet Carl Hubay, a silver-haired, trim and fit porn star living and operating in the environs of Las Vegas, Nevada. Carl is an expert when it comes to making amateur content that crosses the genres of bisexual, interracial, mature, BBW and transgender porn. He is quite talented when it comes to recruiting talented women and men of all hues to star in his fil...

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Dark Psyche: Angel and the Tramp

by Harrowborg on Sep 13, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Since man was able to think there existed the dark psyche, part of our subconscious that we suppress in our rational thinking, and only touch upon when we surrender ourselves to our physical desires. Freud called this side of us our Ego's, we are a race of sexual beings who only now have begun to realise our full selves. Many of us share the same dark fantas...

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Lucifer Rising

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Until the day I die, I will fight you bozos. Seriously. My name is Eric Wahid, and I'm a guy with problems. I was born in the City of Nabatieh, Republic of Lebanon, in early February 1987. My father Joseph Wahid is Ethiopian and my mother Catherine Al-Mansur is Lebanese, of Maronite Christian extraction. I lived an ordinary life in the City of Beirut with my...

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Dark Angel Ch. 05

by LevanaHyll on Sep 12, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Chapter Five Two day cycles later, a few more reapers arrived, along with Davariel's weredragons, Drakken, and Eriel. Eriel was not the same angel Ashriel remembered. He looked solemn, somber. He hung back and barely uttered a word. When Natanael approached him about their upcoming mission, he merely nodded. "You okay, Erie?" Natanael asked putting his ha...

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The Collector Ch. 02: Angel & Erin

by AllenWoody on Aug 13, 2018

Author's note: This story is a sequel to my earlier story 'The Collector Ch. 01: Erin'. Although I'm sure you could figure it out, it would probably make more sense if you read that story first. This story contains themes of reluctant sex, and anal sex. All characters are over age 18. ***** It was what Angel had dubbed 'Fuckless Fridays'. Erin was still to...

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Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 03

by lusty Vamp on Sep 19, 2017

Author's note: Many comments have been made about typing mistakes in the first installment of this story. I do accept responsibility for all mistakes. However, I believe that some of the misunderstanding may have been brought about by my sophomoric attempt to create the realism of a black dialect. At any rate, the experiment has been discontinued. In my own...

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Dark Prince Ch. 04

by LevanaHyll on Sep 19, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The spatters of black were barely distinguishable on the gloss of the floor. Devon snorted in self-disgust before his nose and eyes burned with tears. Cutting himself hadn't worked. He'd slit his throat, choked on his own blood for a few agonizing moments and then his body began to self-heal. Trying to summon his divine sword hadn't worked either. It resist...

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Windswept Ch. 04

by indiglowblue on Sep 15, 2017

Thanks to my editors cannd and HellsBells1890. The story is THAT much awesomer. *** It took Ryder a while to explain to Angel that they couldn't "fly" to heaven. There were protocols and parameters that needed to be followed to a tee. He sent Tenner off to get subway tickets for them while he got Angel dressed. Despite her attempts to appear ok, Ryder no...

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Fun Cougar Peeks into the Dark Side

by Tigger_Lilly on Sep 10, 2018

[Bonus Turn On Tip: If your older girl is shy about trying something kinky, she may be curious and you don't want to scare her off!! You might want to do what one of my erotic pen-pals did to introduce me to the dark side. He actually wrote me a story where he wrote me in the dominant role in a fantasy. It was very tame, just using his tie to tie his wrist...

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Cala de Sirena: The Return

by NymphWriter on Sep 11, 2017

Jenny Edwards sat in at the small table in the little café sipping a soda and waiting. She brushed her light brown hair out of her blue eyes as she drummed her fingers on the table. This was a meeting she'd avoided for over five years, but now, she knew it was time to deal with this situation once and for all. A petite brunette with brown eyes walked up and...

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