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I am a Cuckold

by CuckoldGuy on Jan 8, 2019
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There are millions of cuckolds out here and many of them, don't know that they are cuckolds. Many of them just don't want to acknowledge it and a great number of men just want to keep their cuckold status a secret. And then there are the men who want to be cuckolds. They want their wives to experience other men. They want to watch their wives being taken by...

Always a slut (cuckold) (incest)

by Sha on May 18, 2019

"If you like it please let me know in comment and add story to this this would wake is more interesting" Intro I am Abby and my father" Richard "and my mom "Amy "got divorced my father was rich and my mom was a slut she used to cheat my dad . After she got divorced my mom, she got more money and property. I have a brother Peter....

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Family Cuckold Ch. 07

by cuckrobin on Oct 13, 2017

This is Chapter 07 of the Family Cuckold series (please read 01 thru 06 if you have not already done so - it will make more sense). Mother Mary, Daughter Gina, cuckold Robin, and new acquaintance Tammy had gone to a local dance club where Gina and Tammy had had fun learning more about Robin, exposing the pretty lingerie he was wearing, and watching Mary danc...

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 07

by swmichcuck on Sep 15, 2017

After a memorable week I arrived at my ex wife's house to perform my Friday night ritual of servicing her and whatever fuck buddy she happened to be doing that week. My head was spinning from the new direction my relationship with my daughter and her friend Gigi had taken. I was now dominating both of my "daughters" and was getting great satisfaction in do...

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 03

by swmichcuck on Sep 15, 2017

My story of submission continues with a special night orchestrated by my 20 year old daughter Cassie. Last Saturday she had me pick her up from home instead of her and her boyfriend coming to my place for an afternoon of me serving as their cuckold. Cassie was wearing a new outfit, which was normally the case as she pretty much had carte blanch with my cred...

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 05

by tantrik721 on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

The story so far... Ravi and Kavita were a happily married couple for nineteen years and had a healthy sexual life filled with experimentation with various sexual activities / fantasies. One of the fantasies that Ravi harboured was to watch Kavita have a good time with some other man. It remained a fantasy for a long time and both of them have good sex whil...

Born to be a Cuckold

by W_MA_DWM on Sep 11, 2017

This story starts off slow, however it does lead into some very explicit sexual scenes. So be patient -- it gets hotter. It all began over twenty years ago when I met Lizabeth, the girl who became my wife. I had no idea what Mother Nature's plan was for me in those early years. I did realize that I was different than the other boys and felt that I neve...

Family Bonds at Nude Beach Ch. 01

by venchier on Jul 31, 2019

Interracial cuckold story along with father/daughter incest. If this ain't your cup of tea, please don't drink it! If it is I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps learn a bit about an IR cuckold's mine set...of which I'm one. Go Buckeyes. ***** "Mom can we talk openly and honestly about something which has been troubling me for a long time?" Eighteen year old Z...

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 02

by swmichcuck on Sep 15, 2017

Since my last submission, I had an interesting couple of months. Every Friday night I met my ex Kayla at the local ABS at 8pm sharp. Kayla and I parked ourselves in one of the glory hole booths in the seedy back room. Kayla would make me kneel and suck anonymous cock for two hours on average. On a slow night I'd swallow 4-5 loads but on a busy night that to...

My Daughter Cuckolds Me 02

by cuckolddaddy on Sep 15, 2017

Now that my daughter was of age and her mother had enlisted her help to cuckold me she made a plan to include our son upon his return from college. Jason was 21 years old and Chrissy was 18. I really didn't think that Jason would be up for having his daddy suck his cock or offer his ass for the fucking. I guess we'll find out I thought as Friday approached a...