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Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 08

by NancyPan on Sep 12, 2017

It seemed like I was going to have plenty of time to contemplate not only why I was experiencing such arousal at being treated like a helpless infant and a domestic pet, but time to consider my future fate with Kelli. Here I was, diapered and locked in a 4 X 4 X 6 wire dog cage with a solid plastic floor and a doggie bed. I tried to ignore the sensations fro...

Sissy Slut Boy

by SissyBoiToi1 on Jan 2, 2017

You wake up in your bed, in your attic bedroom. You sigh, not wanting to get out of bed. But then, you realize 2 things--one, your alarm clock didn't go off, you overslept! You have 5 minutes to get to the bus! And two--your bed is soaked in warm, smelly liquid. Did you wet yourself? (Just a note: The "catch the bus" route leads to diaper-related c...

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Pro Domme Assignment Pt. 01

by Dprboy4Dominant on May 7, 2019

I once served a daddy dom for quite a while and he set up a meeting with a Pro Domme for me. The following is part 1 of the email report that I sent to him. You had scheduled me to meet Head Mistress S at 5pm so at 3:45 I showered thoroughly, re-shaving my entire diaper area as you directed. I tried hard to scrub around the base ring of my chastity and spr...

Monica's Downfall

by cloudylez on Feb 21, 2021

Monica is an 18 year old high school student living with her mother. After getting an F in two of her classes, her mother decides to punish her for it in the most horrible way possible. Now Monica must work on getting her grades up while dealing with all the stares and laughter from the other students because of that punishment. *****************************...

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The twisted DM

by Nobody567 on Nov 21, 2019

Authors notes: please like and comment my stuff I desperately desire your feedback and approval. I am new at this and recently redid the intro hope you like it. A being beyond space and time whose goal is to torture, torment, pleasure and change his players in ways that you cannot begin to fathom for his entertainment and pleasure. He sits at multiple tables...

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Mistress and His Christmas pet

by kchappell76 on Sep 17, 2017

As Kala took a break from decorating the Christmas tree in her classroom, she looked outside onto the snow of that late November morning, and embraced the joy from the beginning of the holiday time. She crossed her soft milky white arms, almost as if she was giving herself a hug. She closed her beautiful hazel eyes, and let the spirit of Christmas overtake h...

cheerleading team slave

by cloudylez on Mar 2, 2021

Shannon is very embarrassed and scared. It is Monday and at school all day she has heard taunts towards her as everyone in the school knows of her humiliating loss in a fight. It is the end of the day and she is heading to the freshmen cheerleaders locker room to begin as their slave having no idea what they will make her do. She enters the room and sees the...

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Retired to a Whole New Life Ch. 02

by sissymissyct on Feb 11, 2019

As my fate was now sealed by the lock, Mistress Michelle handed me the key and instructed me to put it on Cara's ankle bracelet. I gently undid the clasp and attached the key as instructed. I re-fit the bracelet and lovingly kissed her foot, and then Mistress Michelle's. They helped me too my feet and we went back out to the living room, Michelle locking th...

Hotel Bound Ch. 01

by ladysub on Sep 16, 2017

I came out of the bathroom, my hair still damp from the shower, and lay back on the bed to wait for You as You had instructed. I stretched my arms up above my head and placed them back into the cold metal handcuffs that waited for me. As I clicked the left cuff, then the right one closed about my wrists, I bent my knees and spread my thighs wide, just as You...

Hotel Bound Ch. 02

by ladysub on Sep 16, 2017

I awoke to an almost painful pressure in my bladder. Some wicked part of my brain reminded me of the safety releases on the handcuffs, that I could easily go use the bathroom instead of wetting myself, but I knew that my Master would know. I don't know how He would know, but He would. He always knows. Secondary to the discomfort of my bladder was a dull, ach...