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Valentine's Day Party

by cuck2serveU on Sep 16, 2017
Interracial Love

As I explained in the Super Blow Party story, our group of 6 cuckold couples each take turns hosting holiday themed parties. Second party of the year was hosted by the youngest couple of our group, twenty-somethings Kari and Jeff. They are small business owners who have had descent success and as a result have a pretty nice home out in the country. Plenty of...

Homesick Pt. 01-03

by Diaperedpilot on Sep 15, 2017

Part I My wife and I had been married for three years in 2016. We met each other while we were both living near Philadelphia. We both had moved away from our families and were pretty much on our own. It gave us something to bond over and we quickly learned to rely on each other for everything. We moved in together after only a few weeks of dating and got...

Letter from Carker's Rents

by justincbenedict on Sep 24, 2019

Dear Shoeblossom-- Since I taped this, I also have enslaved my brother-in-law Santiago and his basketball team. So I have real progress going on here in Carker's Rents! Love, Sugar Perez "Sugar, I am having a devil of a time getting these thorns out of my, um--" "Your diaper. Say it, Esteban." "Don't--don't you think it was punishment enough for me to...

Black Dreams

by Bakeboss on Sep 14, 2017
Interracial Love

My girlfriend Charlene was spending yet another weekend out of town working with her boss. I didn't like it at all but what could I do about it, to be honest her boss scares me. It's not only because he a black guy he is also huge and muscular and the look he gives me lets me know he could kick my ass easy. While Charlene is out of town she has me clean her...

My Wife and the Tree Trunk

by 09cutter on Sep 14, 2017
Loving Wives

I'm not going to say I didn't enjoy it, I did. More than I thought I would. I'm not going to say I was hurt by it, far from it. It was partly my doing. What I will say is that it's done now, shit happens, I moved on. Yes, I'm talking about infidelity. I'm talking about seeing my wife fuck another man. I'm talking about watching as someone else takes her pla...

Mistress Training Guide

by Kerrysslave on Jan 1, 2019
How To

Slave Training basics Let me start by saying that I love my husband. Some people have a desire to submit, some have a desire to dominate. This is the way I trained Allen. People very quiet a bit. I will explain why I have these basic rules and steps. The most important thing is to be consistent. 1. Never let him know what your ultimate goal is. Never e...

My Cuckold Wedding

by CuckinChastity on Sep 16, 2017

Note - this is a piece of fiction. The characters are not real. The scenario is purely a fantasy and does not describe any actual relationship. Laurel is not my actual wife. Enjoy! ***** I stood at the altar alone with Rev. Carl, the minister, looking out at the wedding guests. It wasn't a large wedding, still to me it seemed there were a lot of people l...


by RicoLouis on Apr 19, 2017

As seen below their are many names for the large variety of sexual topics and no real agreed upon list of Tags so I am making a list as best I can to help readers find the stories that interest them. I will be using the most common named tags to make it easier for the readers to find what they like. Below we have an example. Name Stories Blowjob 34...

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Hollywood's new agent

by zbloutch on Sep 10, 2019
Mind Control

-Your career is not going as you would like it to go and you think you need a boost ? Then I'm the right man for you. Hello, my name is John Doe, and resurrecting fading careers is my job. For the modest sum of $100,000, payable in advance and in cash, nothing is impossible for me. After Harvey Weinstein's reign of terror in recent years, I believe it is tim...

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Sharon's Story Pt. 06

by mountian299 on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Chapter 32 "Look I am just saying they will find a way I am only young and I would say Mrs Dagger have you approached the non working mothers and fathers to monitor and free food for them and their children." "God that is a great Idea," and then she realized if I thought of it the higher-ups would put the blame on her. "Alright I will be quiet." We went...