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Knicker Sniffing

by mingeeter on Sep 18, 2017

God it has been quite a long time since I have submitted a story, all true, I have had so many naughty panty sniffing episodes as well. I cannot get enough of having those dirty smelly panties over my nose with the crispy gusset being rubbed over my nose and lips, the aroma and taste is simply intoxicating. Especially if I know the girl or woman whose di...

Next Door Panty Play

by kebbyman on Sep 12, 2017

I am a raging panty freak. I have been using dirty worn panties to jerk off with since I discovered my mother's hamper at the age of 14. The silkier the better and none of those little thongs, they have to be full cut, or they do nothing for me. It must be because full cut nylon panties were all my mother wore and they are what I cut my teeth on, so to speak...

Caught By My Mother-In-law

by mingeeter on Sep 19, 2017

OH my god I have just been so humiliated by my 73 year old very strict mother in-law who was an ex magistrate for 20 years. I had seen her undressed but only over the last year when she had stayed with us her very heavy saggy tits and her very hairy untrimmed bright grey pussy shown accidently to me but no rush to hide that hairy bush from my obvious stare...

Christine's Dirty Panties

by Blucher on Sep 18, 2017

My son-in-law Frank is living with a pretty girl named Christine. She is thirty five, divorced and has two teenage daughters, Alicia and Amy. They have been together now for three years and live in an apartment about a half hour drive away from my wife Nelly and me. We go to see them quite frequently and sometimes they come to our place. Christine is a gorge...

Jimmy Has a Sexy Summertime Fetish

by andtheend on Sep 17, 2017

The accusation and realization of a summertime fetish of bra and panties stuns Jimmy. * Jimmy has a fetish that rears its ugly head in the summertime more than it does in any other season. Without doubt, the summer is when he sees more panties and bras, the two things that gets him sexually aroused. He never knew he had a fetish, until recently. He thought...

Dee's Panties Obsession Ch. 03

by storyfella on Feb 6, 2018

Dee woke late the next day after a restful nights sleep. As she worked at least one day of the weekend she usually had at least one day off during the week, today being one of them. Sara had work and had already left. Washing and housework was her agenda today but first she sat with a cuppa to wake herself up properly. She didn't bother dressing, there was...

Summer School Pt. 02 Ch. 13

by LilithDeVil on Mar 17, 2020
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Hello you naughty girls and boys! Tom's going to get his first test at the hands of his science teacher. This exercise may leave him a little breathless. All characters in the story are 18 years of age or older. ***** "Wake up Titty Baby. Nap time's over." Tom felt Mrs. Folami tapping his head through her shirt; a shirt he was still under as she held hi...

Now I Can

by hylyfe on Aug 31, 2017

I can't believe it; after all these years of trying I have finally won the lottery. OK so it was only one and a half million but it's still enough to change my life forever. I won't bore you with what I did in the normal course of my life but maybe you might be interested to hear what I did with regard to my sexual fantasies. Interested? I was a single guy...

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 01

by Paradiggler on Sep 18, 2017

It all started with Elaine when I was doing babysitting jobs for her every so often. My interest in her was aroused since I had seen her bending over in front of me one day and saw clearly her white panties through a pair of white shorts, showing the panty line over her buttocks and how it led down between her legs to where her vagina was. I always imagine...

I Stole My Secretary's Panties

by Blucher on Nov 27, 2018

Jackie has been my secretary for two years now. She is thirty-two years old and very pretty. When I hired her I have to admit that she was better looking than other applicants for the job although maybe not quite as qualified as some of them. She is of Italian origin with long black hair. Medium height, nice body and a great personality. I often fantasize ab...