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Mr. Dithers goes after Blondie

by slord on Oct 26, 2008
Cheating Spouses

Mr. Dithers watched his hidden camera inside the Bumstead home. He never did like Dagwood, but he kept him around because of his amazing blonde wife. Julius Dithers believed that Dagwood didn't deserve her. He would make it his mission to bed her and breed the young wife. After all, he had no heirs with his fat wife to leave his empire. A young woman would d...

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Drawn-Out Sex

by spidercow2 on Sep 16, 2017

His lovely wife Blondie warm beside him, Dagwood Bumstead sleeps peacefully, and the letters "S-K-N-X" in big black capitals issue from his open mouth. The twittering of birds outside their bedroom window pulls him from slumber, and his ovoid black eyes open enough to see her youthful, dimpled face, framed by a lush array of canary-yellow curls. Amazing how...

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Blondie's Adventures

by BWayne on Nov 27, 2016
Fan Fiction

Julius would send Dagwood on marathon business trips. This would help him woo Blondie even further. Everyday for the past month after spiking that first drink, he would visit Blondie's home to have epic fucking sessions. One particular day... The doorbell rang. Blondie thought, "That must be him!" Her heart was racing as she finished her final down...

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Tittsburg P.I. Ep. 01

by ChancesAre on Jul 31, 2019
Mind Control

"I always start writing with a clean piece of paper and a dirty mind." - Patrick Dennis Author's note: The following is a light-hearted side project I finally wrapped up, (unlike many of my other stories). Inspiration came after someone called one of my other stories 'cartoon fiction'. At first I was taken aback, mostly because it was meant as a bad thing....

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Adult Comixx

by old_n_dirrty on Sep 12, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

"What a fucking day!" thought Dagwood, as he trudged up the sidewalk to the front door. The hum coming from behind the house must be Herb mowing his grass. "Fucker's probably using my mower," said Dagwood aloud. "Maybe I'll fuck Tootsie as payment!" Old man Dithers had chewed on his ass all day, and as a final insult, had transferred Dagwood's big-titted se...

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Flight to Paradise Ch. 03

by SanityCheck on Jun 24, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Immersion Playground Book #3: Flight to Paradise Chapter 3 The morning birds had ended their matins an hour before when Kate wakes with the feeling of a hand gently stroking her, sliding slowly over the skin of her bare thigh, bringing her nerve endings to peak awareness. She sighs and stretches slowly, eyes still closed, as her lips curl into a small smi...

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by rgraham666 on Sep 25, 2017

Another of my in-between pieces, smut, but with a plot. Please vote or comment if you liked it. I do love to hear from my readers. I step up to the front desk of the small college library. It's late in the evening and the place is nearly empty, so there is only one librarian here. Her back to me so I have plenty of time to examine her. She's dressed in a...

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A Sissy Saga Ch. 08

by Snurge on Sep 15, 2017
Novels and Novellas

In the gymnasium a practise was in progress. "One, and two, and three and four," Hardwick's voice brayed above the tinny jink, jink, jink of an elderly piano. Ten students arranged in a double row of five were dancing to the beat as he called it. It was part of Hardwick's routine. Groups of them came to him daily, either for dance, deportment or gymnastics...

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