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How to Train Polo, a Rat Terrier

by SusanJillParker on Aug 31, 2017
How To

Please give me the support of your vote. * Sometimes, seemingly, it's much easier to train a dragon than it is to train a Rat terrier I love dogs. Since the time I can remember, I always had a dog. Actually, they weren't my dogs but my brothers' dogs. Yet, whether they were my brothers' dogs or deemed my dogs, all their dogs were more loyal and loved me m...

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How To Pick The Perfect Pooch

How To

How To Pick the Perfect Pooch. So you want to buy a dog, but you don't know which kind of dog to buy? Well, you've opened up the right story. It's good that you didn't open up a story of romance and intrigue. Yeah, it may have entertained you, but you'd still wonder which dog to buy after you read the story, whereas after reading this story, you'll at least...

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Dog Story


Do you remember Love Story with Ryan O'Neil and Ali MacGraw? Well, this is a love story of sorts, this is Dog Story. No, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and Old Yella are not the dogs in the story, but it is a dog story, just the same. Think of this dog story as you would remember Dino on the Flintstones or Astro on the Jetsons. (Boy, I'm showing my age.) Where has al...

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Suki & Toki's New Slave Dog Ch. 02

by assislave on Sep 15, 2017

Suki & Toki's new slave dog Ch.2 chapter 2 – Breaking their dog slave i. Reflections and memories I lay in our large bed, tossing and turning. My restlessness caused me to doze for a few minutes, wake up, and then doze again. An over active brain occupied with thoughts about our new slave dog, currently in bondage and sedated in the cellar. Some small m...

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Enslaved Bitches Ch. 03

by Emmint on Sep 25, 2017

When I say Dog-slave I mean a human being forcibly disguised as a dog and thinking dog thoughts. * Thing took the car to the garage and proceeded to the cellar from there. Philip was already there. "Am I going to wait all day, Thing?" Thing stripped and waited without demur as Philip fastened the electric cock ring to him. He removed the goad from Julia's...

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Pony Slaves for Sale Pt. 02

by Emmint on Sep 19, 2017

Mistress Sabrina the owner of the Slave training farm came to the courthouse to attend the auction of those convicted of any type of crime. While they waited for the auction to start they listened to the screams of the four men and two women who had been sentenced to death for murder. Next the rest of the criminals and such a lot of beauties they were too,...

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Damien and Psychi Ch. 03

by vacien on May 15, 2019

Psychi felt warm, safe. As she slowly wakened from sleep, she felt large hands roaming up and down her body. Her eyes flew open. Her body was naked under the covers, her robe removed in the night. She was cocooned within the embrace of a large body, her back pressed against Damien's chest. He was pressing his lips to her shoulders, her neck, her ears......

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The Legend

by luv2flirtamswf34 on Sep 2, 2017
Erotic Horror

There is a legend in Northern Michigan about a clan of the Dog-Man that has been around since the late 1700s. Many people have claimed to have seen it, from woodsman to elderly women to teenagers who party in some of the forests around here. No one has attempted to explain where or how this creature originated, until now. Before white people ever stepped f...

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The Boys at the Frat House

by Just Plain Bob on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

The Boys At The Frat House By Just Plain Bob Stephanie and I had been living in Houston in a rented apartment when her parents died in an automobile accident. In their will they left Steph their house in a college town that I will not name and we flew back to put the house on the market. Once there we found that the job market was good and that work in both...

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My Girlfriend is a Dog


My Girlfriend Is A Dog My girlfriend Sheila is a dog. She wasn't always a dog. Before the accident, she was pretty, really pretty. Also, before the accident, she had a body, I mean, a really hot body. She still has a body but it is a different type of body. Still, looks are not everything and it is so true that beauty is only skin deep. Nonetheless, I love...

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