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Infinite Scroll

A Spicy Hochpoch of Indian Flavor

by BrianCaster on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

Each experience has happened when i was above nineteen years old. Characters which connected with it are also above eighteen years. It isn't contain any under age sexual relationship. I First Time Met Gay at Nineteen I attracted by males many times. I couldn't understand the reason behind this unusual behavior. If I saw a man with bare chest, I stare at h...

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Nurse Has Me First Time

by Myfaceusit on Aug 18, 2017
First Time

Yes the heading is for real, first time with a nurse who was hired to look after my grandma.(true story) I had just turned 18 when it all happened, but before I start my story I should say that at 18 I had had my hand on a tit or two and ventured under a skirt for what we guys called stink finger. My story starts when I was a young boy and spent many week...

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Last Voyage of The Henrietta Bone

by Mysteria27 on Sep 1, 2017
Group Sex

An age when the world as we knew it was smaller, and there were lands still not discovered. An age where the sea washed upon distant shores. It was no longer thought of as a square. It, a majestic ship, constructed from the finest wood in the forest. Designed for transporting goods, or doing naval battle. Built with three masts, each towering a hundred fee...

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There Is Someone for Everyone

Humor & Satire

Brenda was a pretty girl but, after seeing before and after photos of the makeovers of some of her husband's patients, she believed she was not pretty enough. With the reluctant encouragement of her husband, Dr. Robert Nolan, a board certified and renowned plastic surgeon, she augmented plastic surgery with diet and exercise to help improve her appearance....

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Never Again Ch. 01

by Dien on Sep 11, 2017

My name is Layna and I am 19 years old. I developed early. I had a C42 Bra size at the age of nine and hit puberty just before the age of ten. More people started to notice me. Boys at school, looked at me and always asked me to hang out with them at recess. But, the attention did not always come from school... Around the time that I turned 18, I had filled...

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Military Mom's Morning Ritual Ch. 01

by milfleglover on Sep 15, 2017

Cassie Eastman awoke at the crack of dawn, sans alarm clock. After a lifetime in the military, retiring as a sergeant after having lorded over countless soldiers, she was used to routine. Hers was getting up without an alarm clock, same time, every day, an internal body clock honed by years of regularity. And every day of the school week, the trim, athletic...

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Confessions of an English Houswife Ch. 9

by Quin on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

It was no wonder my wife, who was, at the time my girlfriend, had been wet between her legs. The shy naïve girl had been having mutual masturbation with a fifty-year-old man who was a friend of her father. Now she was about to tell me what else she did with him. Although, in spite of all the other things she had confessed, this seemed to disturb me most. Rig...

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Sample Day

by Loving50 on Sep 17, 2017

On Tuesdays Bruce ate lunch at the upscale grocery store just a mile from home. It was a habit he and his wife had developed a few years before. Tuesdays were sample days. Walking to the store upped their appetites and gave them an excuse to indulge. Also, since the portions were small they never felt guilty about having two or three desserts in addition t...

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Body Snatch Ch. 3

by MagicWand on Sep 15, 2017

Author's Note: I recommend you read chapter 1 and 2 since I don't recap the previous chapters. Whether more chapters continue will depend on the response for this series and of course, my free time. Hope you enjoy. * * * * * Kenny had $120 in his wallet and an ATM card in which I was able to withdraw $300 more. I drove the car to the airport and paid cash...

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Fun for All the Family Ch. 01

by Toolboy5 on Sep 15, 2017

1. I woke up early and as usual was sporting my usual erection since there hasn't been a day in the past twenty-five years or so when I've not woken up with a raging hard-on. I glanced at my wife Julie who was still sound asleep and decided to let her lay there resting for awhile longer, after all it was Sunday and I had given her a really good seeing to at...

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