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Infinite Scroll

Please Let Me Be Ch. 16

by xattackx888 on Jun 18, 2019

Writer's Note: This chapter has been driving me insane! This is the third rewrite but hopefully what I write here will actually help along the plot a bit. Most of what I've written to date in Please Let Me Be has been just to play around with all the ways I could write sexual scenes. So thank you to everyone who's kept up to date and actually stuck around. G...

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My Neighbour, Soon to be Lover Ch. 01

by Miss_Tique on Jun 19, 2019
Mind Control

Jacob Fimmel was the man of my dreams. Not many 21-year-olds would say that about a guy that's three times their age but then again, Jacob wasn't just some guy—he was the guy. I took my bottom lip into my mouth as I peeked at him through the curtains knowing he couldn't see me. I knew he was coming home around this time (around six p.m.) and I'd waited imp...

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Pupil of the Eye

by BryanBiff on Aug 17, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

In many ways Hitomi was a worldly Japanese girl. As the daughter of a diplomat, she had the opportunity to travel, see museums, operas, fine homes, and attend exclusive schools. But though she was worldly in intellectual pursuits, she had little experience navigating the normal social world of an 18-year old girl. Her father was aware of this deficiency and...

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Stan the Man

by bigdaddykingdavid on May 1, 2018

Life can be strange at times, and this story is but one example of it's unpredictable twists and turns that tend to amuse and entertain me. I must mention these sudden changes in life are not always a good thing. For example, I married my high school sweetheart after graduation only to become a widow after six short years. Cancer took my love and left me lo...

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Mrs. Gordon's Bridge Club Ch. 03

by tantricjim on Mar 12, 2019

It was early morning and Jean Gordon was puttering around her kitchen making breakfast for three. There were romantic ballads playing in the background. She was in an up mood as she recalled the events of the past 24 hours. Her body felt soft and used following intense intimate contact with two desirable people. A widow, she had recovered from the despair of...

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A Cougar and Her Cub

by MeredithEighty8 on May 27, 2019

When our affair first started, I foolishly thought of him as just a young, eager cock that I wanted to experience. He was handsome, big, definitely the alpha male type, horny and hung like a Mastiff. It was obvious that he was testing himself and wanting to test his skills with an older woman, a more experienced "bitch." Turns out, I was the one with the l...

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Alien Zoo Ch. 01

by MeatBeat117 on Jun 5, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

"Chief Scientist Zor!! We believe we have found the perfect male specimen to take back with us," said the Wuug Scientist. The Chief came out from behind and came over to stand with all the other scientists. "Well it's about time. Show him on the display, now," she demanded. The Wuug pressed a button and a holographic 3D image of the earthling appeared. Sh...

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Brad and Marsha

by mark_8675309 on Sep 14, 2017
Loving Wives

****Background **** Everyone in their conservative, Midwestern church would agree that Brad and Marsha Dittoro were the perfect couple. Most of them had known Brad and Marsha for all, or nearly all, of the 10 years they had attended there as a married couple. Some might even recall that it was at this very church that Brad and Marsha originally met, subsequ...

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Chair of the Women's Institute

by satindesires on Oct 22, 2019
Loving Wives

It was yet another drunken night, Steve and Tony as usual talked about all sorts, most of rubbish. Good friends at school, both had graduated at different Universities and met back up for the summer. The topic as usual turned to sex and who they fancied, the usual friends and celebrities were mentioned. At that point Tony asked: "Honestly, which real woma...

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Retro Romp

by Luccia_Grimmnoirre on Sep 23, 2019

Note: For those care equally about plot and canon, and not just the “word porn”, this story represents Issue #2 of the “Venuz Beach Chronicles” — a noir-based erotica serial of absurd, bizzaro, and comedic satire-styled sex stories based in the fictional college town of Venuz Beach, Florida. Each story bears its own plot but contains recurring characters...

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