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Infinite Scroll

Jane Meets Her Valentine

by rbenne on Sep 2, 2017
Erotic Couplings

This is an original story and is the copyright of rbenne it must not be copied or used without the permission of the author. * Jane arrived home from work late that evening, it was Friday and she was annoyed that she had missed the film that she was going to with friends. She stomped into her flat and headed for the bathroom. Lying soaking in the warm wate...

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Granddaughter's Treatment

by oolala on Sep 15, 2017

"My granddaughter is a troubled young lady," Josiah explained, sighing heavily, and handing the gentleman a glass of port. "She's been nothing but heartache for me since she came to live here after the accident. I had told my daughter-in-law, Victoria, that sending Rachel to college would be a terrible mistake. It's tragic that she and my Henry died so young...

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A Young Man Gets Lucky

by ladyofsin_98 on Sep 11, 2017

John had just dropped me off at the Glendale Galleria Mall because I learned there was a vacant space advertised for rent and I wanted to look at it as a possible branch for my gift shoppe. I had no appointment to see the vacancy but I thought I would give the Mall a general look-see and check if it was what I wanted. John had to take the Navigator to the Li...

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Alexandros: Ch. 02-03

by JoeBarnosky on Sep 16, 2017
Novels and Novellas

We were successful in the defeat of all but one of the Spartan warriors my lord. The Greater Demon, Malanatohiel knelt cowering before his master. Fear kept the demon obeying and fear kept him loyal. The demon feared his failure would ultimately bring forth his destruction. You let him escape? The Ifrit, Amnischnell stood over him with a gaze that felt like...

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Brittany's Screen Debut

by JRob on Sep 11, 2017

I was in an endless rut. A self-made rut, but a constant rut nonetheless. My job was eight-to-six, ugly commuting on each end, almost like Groundhog Day yet over and over. Getting older, my back ached after infrequent rounds of golf or the once a week C League ice hockey game. My sex life was barely there, as my wife Kelly Ann was more into romance novels th...

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My Job as a Model Patient Pt. 04

by movieye on Sep 25, 2017

I was devastated the week after I found out I had accidentally fucked my mom in physical diagnostics class. I mean, it was weird enough to think I was supposed to be the model patient anonymously fucking my sister, but she was sort of a bitch and a part of me always wanted to stab her with my dick. After the revelation at dinner that my mom switched places w...

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Black Cock Era 00

by PurpleMonkeyDishwash on Sep 12, 2017
Interracial Love

Black Cock Era is a tongue-in-cheek interracial epic story about a potential but unlikely future in which white women are enslaved by the superior black males. The story is far fetched, but it's a fictional fantasy, and it's meant to be a grounds to explore a fun and silly situation, not to predict how real people would behave or how you the reader would beh...

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Trip to England Ch. 01

by evals22 on Sep 16, 2017
Loving Wives

Their marriage was not unlike many others. They met in college, married young and saw their two sons mature and leave home for college. Lori was just shy of fifty and Tom had passed the half century mark a year earlier. Before babies, before mortgages, before the pressures of moving up the corporate ladder their sex life was anything but routine. Lori would...

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You're Never Too Old to Get Laid

by WRJames on Aug 29, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Well, I got in trouble with my last Nude Day entry, Texas Mermaids. Apparently, it's just TOO believable. I wonder how that could be? My wife keeps asking me how much of it is true. I'm not admitting to anything! Anyway, this time I thought I would write something that couldn't possibly be true -- could it? When I was in college, I lived in a dorm right ac...

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All the Way to Heaven

by AfroerotiK on Sep 16, 2017
First Time

At the precise moment of our birth, each and every person who has been blessed enough to take just one, single breath of life is given a special gift from the Most High God. It's a gift so special, so sacred, that it can only be given once. It belongs entirely and completely to that individual and the exact moment that gift is given and all the details surro...

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