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Infinite Scroll

Christina's Gift

by rogtom_69 on Sep 16, 2017

Fifty is such a daunting number. Half a century and it seems just yesterday when I was young and the world was new. I sit alone in a crowded bar nursing my third bourbon and coke as music blares around me drowning the sounds of younger people chatting and laughing. Today I am still the 'right' side of that psychological figure. I am forty-nine, but it is the...

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A Shared Wet Fetish Ch. 02

by flashgordon562006 on Feb 12, 2019

Here is another true story into a personal fetish as told to me by my friend Jeff. This is his story. The next experience in my life involved a lady of 75 years of age. Her name was Margaret and I was in my early 50's at the time. She was a very over intelligent lady, so much so, she tended to have slightly silly times, but this didn't mean that she didn't...

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Chechen Diva in Hollywood

by Samuelx on Dec 12, 2018
Interracial Love

"Super Shark Versus Alien T-Rex, that's the title of the frigging movie?" Zulai Basayev said, aghast. The Chechen-born actress resisted the urge to grab her agent by the neck, and sighed deeply. The agent in question, a mustachioed, bald-headed little man named Nikolai, seemed unusually happy as he presented her with a copy of the script, courtesy of Directo...

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Mrs. Wentworth and Stephen

by softspokenstephen on Sep 26, 2017

This is the eighth part of the Mrs. Wentworth series. It comes right after Mrs. Wentworth Enjoys Act Three and Mrs. Wentworth Enjoys The Nightcap. I think it's more enjoyable if you have enjoyed the slow development of the series. If you don't like slow though, you won't like this. I am very grateful to everyone who has commented publicly or sent feedback. I...

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Suburban Housewife to Internet Slut

by ChelseaFulfilled on Sep 19, 2017
Loving Wives

Chapter 1: Awakenings For years I wasn't exactly prudish about sex, just relatively inexperienced. But this all changed one day and my life sex life has never been the same since. I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Alice and I'm a 38 year old mother of 2. David and I married early and had kids early, both now at university. After the initial...

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A Small Mistake, Big trouble

by jerseyblue on Sep 12, 2017

Chapter 1- A Small Mistake, Big Trouble Amy Murray smiled as she looked at the young man seated on the edge of the examination table. He was about 19 years old with bright blue eyes and blond mussed hair. She looked his body up and down. She liked what she saw and laughed to herself. "What kind of wicked person am I to think like this?" The young man in q...

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Microkini Chronicles Ch. 08

by Sano on Sep 16, 2017
Group Sex

Pt. 1 Life is so strange. Just when you think you'll be miserable forever, things happen that can put you on the top of the World. I'd been married for twenty-six years, and was suddenly single again. My husband had one too many affairs and while I will admit to sucking a few cocks here and there, Rick had been screwing other women for years. For a long t...

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Julie: Ch. 1

by Patrick on Dec 12, 2018

Daughter Cindy's party throws up a few surprises. I lay on the lounger, feeling the sun warm on my skin, the light breeze caressing me enough to make my nipples stand hard against my bikini top. I giggled quietly at that thought, they'd certainly called it a bikini in the shop, but once it was on me it looked more like three postage stamps strategically pla...

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Bellway Ch. 02: Devices of Pleasure

by AlinaX on Sep 18, 2018
Letters & Transcripts

Author's Note: All characters are adults, which in this context means they are at least twenty-one years of age. ***** My Beloved Emily, Forgive me (as I'm sure you will, dear sister) for deluging you with my ill-considered words, but I am in turmoil! It was with great difficulty last night that I yielded to sleep, so full my thoughts were of yesterday's...

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The Car Trip

by amischiefmaker on May 7, 2019
Loving Wives

Gina isn't classically beautiful. Well, she does have a world class ass and thighs (both pleasantly large for her five foot two inch, 105 pound frame), a flawless complexion, and an exotic face; but you won't see her photo as one of the world's thousand most beautiful women. However, the quality that she does have that undoubtedly puts her in the top thousan...

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