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Drinking Pee In A Taste Test

by conh on Sep 13, 2017

In Chapter 2, I described how I got to drink my Aunt's pee as well as my Cousin's, and how much they both enjoyed giving it to me. In this Chapter I have a blind taste test of several people's pee. Chapter 3. I do a blind taste test, and drink pee all day. I decided to sleep in the cottage since my parents were not there now, and I was woken in the morning...

Drinking My Aunty's Pee

by conh on Sep 13, 2017

In Chapter 1 I recounted how my cousin discovered me drinking her pee from her piss pot, and how she subsequently developed a taste for mine. In this chapter I describe how I got to drink my Aunty's pee as well. Chapter 2. I drink my Aunt's pee. Next morning Di and her mom said they were going shopping and did I want to go as well. I said I'd be fine on...

Out Pee Games

by luvmywifesass on Sep 19, 2017

I have no idea why, but I once asked my wife to lay on the bed with a towel under her and pee. When she did, all sense just left me and I went down on her. She was disgusted and couldn't believe I did that, even though she wasn't peeing at that moment. I was really turned on by this, and started thinking about how much I would like to really taste it, as I r...

Cum World

by cumfountain on Sep 12, 2017

It was a early morning on a Sunday. I (Raj aged 19) got up from my bed and was gazing at the cum shot posters in the walls around me all taken during various situations when my cock shot wads of cum on different ladies and girls. I can hear those ladies were shouting ‘cum! cum! and Give more cum!’ when the photos were taken. I can also remember the ladies ha...

Xela the Piss Path Mage Ch. 02

by FurryBear9 on Sep 13, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A strong urge to pee woke Xela. She didn't really like using the chamber pot, pissing out her window was more fun. The window was in an alcove and it made sort of a bench. Xela stepped up onto the bench and raised the window sash. Squatting in front of the open window she began to release a strong stream of pee into the yard below. But something was strange,...

My Roommate is My Pee Mistress

by clem59285 on May 7, 2019

Heloise woke up. It was 7am. Her roommate, Helena, was still asleep. They were having a small room for themselves at the school dormitory, not very large, but enough in Heloise's opinion. Seeing Helena, she mechanically checked her bladder state, and realized it was empty, as usual in the morning. "How nice it was to have an empty bladder, and yet people let...

A Drink From the Golden Cup

by Surrenders2you on Sep 17, 2017

He had me turned on soooo good. Had me drink a ton of water, and I knew what was coming. He'd make me pee for him. No big deal, I'd done that before, and I was fine with it. He asked if I had ever drunk my own piss before. I said I had tasted it, but had never actually had to drink it. The idea did not appeal to me in the least, tho I must say I have had my...

Lucinda's Golden Love

by SpankerSam on Sep 19, 2017

Lucinda had been my tenant for more than 15 years. I own a 6-unit apartment building. I have seen tenants come and go but she always remained. That was why when she called me and told me there was a leak in her toilet I took the time to go and fix it myself. Lucinda was a Spanish-American woman who had started out working in a factory but she ended up puttin...

Helena and Bella - Holidays at Helen

by clem59285 on Aug 18, 2017

Bella was about to spend two weeks at Helena's home. She knew Helena would use any possible occasion to make Bella bursting to pee, but Helena seemed so pleased when obeyed that she would always try her best and hold. When she arrived at Helena's home, she only had few contact with her parents. For sure, Helena wanted Bella to herself only. Bella was allowe...

Kinky Girl Games 01

by poetposh on Sep 11, 2017

Background: Steph is in her 2nd year of college and is a 19 year old 5 foot 8 inch size 4 girl with dirty blond hair. Steph is majoring in business and loves the idea of making money online. She is also very naughty, loves showing off, like money and all too well see the connection that the first two have with the later. Jennifer is an 18 year old 5 foot 5...