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Eating My Cum, A Husband's Journey

by doinkit1 on Sep 12, 2017

There are many heterosexual guys that fantasize about eating their own cum. This post is not about whether this is right or wrong, sensual or gross. This post is to share my experience and help other guys who have this fantasy. I had been married several years before I started having these cum fantasies. Mine began when my wife was enacting a little sexual...

Addicted to Cum Ch. 02

by kandor on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

In the first part of this saga, I outlined an addiction to cum. Part two continues that blessed addiction... Beth and I had indulged my cum addiction for awhile now, an addiction that included not only me eating my own sperm from her freshly fucked cunt or snowballing my load with her after she'd sucked me dry in her unbelievably hot mouth, but drinking it...

Addicted to Cum

by kandor on Sep 12, 2017

I'm addicted to cum, the taste, the texture, the smell, the stickiness, everything. And I have my wife to thank for that. She'd read somewhere about guys eating their own cum from the pussies of women they'd just fucked and what a powerful aphrodisiac it was for the women. Not so much the men because if you are a man you know that for all good intentions in...

My Husband & I Get Kinky Ch. 03

by Davie46 on Sep 11, 2017

"When I surprised you a few minutes ago, you were playing with my vibrator, watching your strap-on video. Now, your little cock has gone limp and has shrunk so much that I can barely see it. Yet when I told you I'd satisfy your domination fantasy, I could see it throbbing and responding to the dirty talk." "So grab the vibrator and see if you can get yourse...

Mum's New Panty Slave Ch. 01

by PantiesAndPies on Sep 19, 2017

This story contains panty wearing men; creampies and male cock sucking. It also has an incest theme. If any of these offend you please stop reading now! Otherwise read on and I hope you enjoy. I do appreciate your constructive feedback. * It was the morning of Neil's 18th birthday. He was lying in bed, playing with his hard cock. He hadn't cum last night...

On Eating Pussy

by Interval on Sep 25, 2017
How To

I think it an exercise in futility for me to think I can tell you or teach you (well, with words only) how to eat pussy. I can share with you my experience and what I have found works for me, and you are free to adopt any of my techniques or experiment and see what works. But I cannot write the definitive "''how to eat pussy like a champ by following these s...

Eating Pussy Full Of Cum

by Anal Slave on Sep 11, 2017

It all started one day when I was young I just got through jacking –off to my favorite adult magazine. I had some cum on my hand and I stuck my tongue out and licked it up, I don’t know if eating my cum made me do it but I really got horny again and had to jack it off one more time. It was another 6 months before I started really eating my own cum. I always...

The Bridge Club

by Strapping Young Lad on Sep 17, 2017
Group Sex

*Note to Readers, this is a sequel to "The Older Woman in my Life". Me and Ms. Smith, or Dorthy, had a wonderful symbiotic relationship. She liked to fuck younger guys (me), and I liked to fuck older women (her). We worked a way around causing gossip amongst the neighbors. Being eighteen and ready to be on my own, I told my mom that Ms. Smith had an extra r...

CEI Office Coffee!

by depositdutchess on Nov 22, 2017

Jack was always late for work. He hated his Boss, the Big Bitch as he liked to call her, with big tits who wore tight pencil skirts. She always got what she wanted, especially from Jack, an average loser working a full time office job and catering to her needs all day. Jack knew if he was late again he was fucked. He usually stopped at Starbucks to get them...

Wow, I think I'm bi

on Dec 19, 2016

FOREWORD: This is a story based around a woman discovering she's bisexual. The story is about her coming to terms with it and talking to various people, most of whom she can also fuck. The story is open to others adding their own chapters, so feel free if you're interested. There're plenty of options located in the sidebar and I'm working on some of them mys...

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