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Infinite Scroll


by blindjack on Sep 16, 2017
Interracial Love

The camera followed Ebony, as she sauntered across the veranda to the refrigerator. The white of the chef's apron she wore was emphasized by her dark brown skin. As she turned to open the refrigerator the camera zoomed in on the big, firm brown buns exposed by the backless apron. The high heeled white sandals Ebony wore enhanced the prominent up and out thru...

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Sex Therapy with Dr. Aisha Tyler

by DickThePimp on Aug 21, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is a parody... It is not real Aisha Tyler had given up television work and went to medical school. She got a degree in Sexual Therapy because she not only loved sex, but she loved helping others get as much pleasure from it as she does. She opened up a practice in Brentwood in West LA. She was looking through some records and daydreaming about the gang...

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Southern Narco

by CoCoNiy101 on Sep 24, 2019
Interracial Love

Astoria, New York 11:02am "Mama," Ebony shook her mother's bare shoulder. The skin was slick with moisture. Janet jumped awake as if she'd been hit instead of gently shaken. Her dilated eyes darted around the car and settled on her daughter. "We're here." Janet slowly nodded her understanding and licked her chapped, greyed lips. Ebony reached into her...

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Jungle Cat Fever.

by ErosinaScarlett on Apr 22, 2020

**Author's Note: Though we are going through a pandemic and most are staying home, I am an essential personnel and so still working so my stories will be coming at not the same frequency but expect delays. I hope everyone stays well and healthy! This story takes place in the same universe as my previous series "Cat Scratch Fever". * * * * * * * * * * * * *...

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Little Miss Vanilla Virgin

by JMlitero on Sep 2, 2017
Erotic Couplings

When it came to sex, Ebony had always been very traditional in the bedroom. Sex positions were standard; missionary, cow girl and sometimes - if Wade was lucky - doggy style. Having read many romance novels and enjoyed chick flick films, Ebony had always thought sex (or making love) was the man on top and a good ten minutes of penetration. Foreplay had alway...

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Southern Narco Ch. 04

by CoCoNiy101 on Nov 18, 2019
Novels and Novellas

Silas and Ebony drove into a town for an art supply store. Silas pushed a cart behind her and waited while she picked out all the things she needed to start creating. He watched her look at the ingredients of labels she hadn't heard of and confidently put in products she knew. He offered to pay but she was set on paying her own bill. Ebony was getting more...

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Aunty's Sex Slave Pt. 05

by adoration on Sep 15, 2017

\ A couple of days after the poolside party and my embarrassingly gauche protestation of love for the statuesque Ebony, the 40-year-old black university lecturer, Aunty Pat, Anita and I were sitting having breakfast when the phone rang. Aunty spoke for several minutes, then hung up. "That was the general," she told Anita. "He needs us for a session." Then...

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Black Cuckolding Is Terrific!

by Samuelx on Sep 11, 2017
Interracial Love

Sitting on the couch, Howard University alumnus and international businessman Alan Philemon, a burly and dark-skinned Black man of Jamaican descent watched as his lovely African-American wife, Ebony Hawkins-Philemon, got fucked by their pal Joey Pappano. Grinning, Joey smacked Ebony's big brown ass as he thrust his pale dick into her butt hole. Spreading my...

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by JukeboxEMCSA on Sep 14, 2017
Mind Control

Everyone who knew Wendy always said she was a soft touch, but Wendy didn't see it that way. Did it really make her a soft touch to spend a quarter on a gumball for a crying kid with a harried mother? In the big scheme of things, wasn't it worth dropping a dollar in some panhandler's hat? Or taking a moment to give a stranger a smile, fix her wide blue eyes o...

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Public Ebony Ch. 01

by therealcrimsoncarmen on Sep 17, 2017
Group Sex

Ebony sat at her dining table nursing a cup of tea. Half full, the cup's only warmth was drawn from her hand, the tea stagnant, tepid. Her gaze was fixed on the large golden stag that stretched its figure across her table, a centrepiece to house candles. And thoughts. It was a contentious piece, with many of her visitors claiming it was far too large to be a...

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