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Stormy Night In

by rs_rockman86 on Sep 26, 2017

FIRST THINGS FIRST Before we get to the story I would first like to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please feel free to leave any feedback, comments, etc. so I can make changes. Also, please feel free to add chapters or make grammatical and spelling corrections. I will approve any submissions of addition/edits so long as they...

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The Engagement

by Gentlemen8p on Dec 29, 2019

Prologue On a cold Christmas day war broke out, both sides evenly matched, a snow-coated garden their battlefield and snowballs their weapons. The conflict began when the sound of children yelling erupted, the first strike was thrown by Victor a tall boy wearing an expressive coat and a smug smile of superiority on his charming face. His hands protected from...

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Limited Dating Options Ch. 07

by MTL17 on Apr 10, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Wynonna Earp. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. ***** "Hello baby girl." Wynonna smiled nervously as Waverly finally walked in the front door of their home. Waverly glared at her, and then asked, "What, have you been there the entire time?" "Mostly." Wynonna admitted, "I went looking for you, but you weren'...

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Warped World

by Warped-Wrist on Jul 3, 2018

"Aww, cheer up! It's not all bad!" your mother chirped, "I know that it seems unfair to be moving so soon but... a job opportunity like this for your father couldn't be passed up!" she continued. You knew that of course, they've only said it a thousand times by now. As you stare out the window of the moving van you reason with yourself; '...

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by varun on Sep 15, 2017

I was all horny and rubbing the front of my pants to pleasure my dick, whilst walked in my big sister - Narmitha. "What are you doing?" "Nothing," I said embarrassed. She smiled a meaningful look and walked towards the cupboard. I looked at her ass swigging. Had she not been my elder sister I would have grabbed her ass right now. I had just watched a XX m...

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Cinderella Submits Ch. 05

by 1000dreams on Sep 14, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Dear Reader, The kinky version of Cinderella's Sexy Saga continues. This story is taking a life of its own and is becoming much more than I had anticipated when the idea came to mind. As this is a first for me, please forgive me any inconsistencies between the chapters. I realize now that if I am going to undertake such a project in the future, I should sk...

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Quarantined with Manisha Bhabhi

by brucewayneegypt on Oct 6, 2020

Hello My Dear Readers... This is the second story from me having the Lock-Down and Quarantine Period as a part of the premise. We have all been affected by the unfortunate set of events, and we have all grown tired of staying home, isolated. But, there are a lucky few who consider this period as a blessing. This series focusses on 21 year old Kapil, who...

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Incest with elder cousin sister

by ayyopayyo on May 7, 2015

"Hey there" you greet your cousin on the doorway, waiting for her to open the lock on the door. You always admired her body, so sexy. At last she opened the door and lets you to come inside her house. You actually go there to give a package your mom gave you to your aunt. "What's the matter?" shes asks you. "Oh its just that.... ahem...

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Now It's Mother after Barren Sister

by haldwani on Sep 25, 2017

NOW IT'S MOTHER AFTER IMPREGNATING CHILDLESS SISTER This is the second part of my story "Impregnating childless sister leads to sex with mother". However for those who have not read the original story, I may tell in nutshell that we are a middle class Muslim family of Luchnow in India. My father Saifuddin Khan is working in Dubai and he is there for the las...

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The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 06

by Sabledrake on Sep 12, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Breakfast the next morning was an ordeal for Constance. She had managed to discreetly leave the room last night as Eva, Enrique, and Robert succumbed to their weariness. While they slept on the carpet, in the midst of their strewn clothes, Constance sought the solitude of her own bed. She had been awakened early by Rob, who was cross with her for leaving...

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