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Swordsman's Shorts Ch. 02

by DarkSwordsmanReturns on Jul 13, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Harry couldn't believe his luck. He had only moved to London that September and already he found himself sitting next to one of the most desired women on God's green earth; gorgeous Game of Thrones star Miss Emilia Clarke. The story of how he'd come to be in this position went like this; 18 year old Harry relocated to the nation's capital from Nowheresville,...

Getting into Character

by AgentArsenicThorium on Oct 30, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is all fictional and hope you enjoy Characters: Natalie Dormer and Emilia Clarke XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Natalie woke up to the ringing of her phone and she wonder what time it was and who was calling. "Who the fucking hell is calling at six in the morning." she said to herself as she answered her phone. It was her agent giving her good news that she g...

Emilia Clarke - Queen of Porn Ch. 02

by GemmaGemmaGemma on Apr 22, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Emilia Clarke was sweating, and with good reason. Her debut porn scene was about half an hour from dropping. She had waited for this moment for a long time. Years in her fantasies, but just a couple of weeks since she shot it. Both had felt like forever and no time at all. She was clad in a comfortable grey tracksuit, casual wear for home. She had kept the h...

Fuck a Celebrity

by TurinTurambar on Dec 13, 2015
Fan Fiction

Through the power of being rich, attractive and having important friends, you managed to get into a prestigious club on VIP night. The place is swarming with celebrities of all kinds, and mostly women as well. Which of course means you're in the middle of some of the hottest actresses, singers, athletes and models this world has to offer. There will surely b...

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Emilia's Fucktoy

by Carmelle on Sep 12, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Emilia stared deep at me. Her beautiful blue eyes pierced through me, making me feel truly naked, even with no clothes on. They were full of lust. There was nothing else there. She had turned into an animal, acting purely on instinct. And what that instinct was telling her was very simple. She had to fuck me. I felt so vulnerable, so completely at her merc...

GoT - Wrap After-Party Pt. 01

by the5amClub on Nov 11, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Author's note: After many months spent on a project of futa novel, I decided to clear my head with a short story. The self-imposed rule was to write as fast as possible, without the painfully long rewriting and overthinking I usually indulge in, and then to see what happens. I hope the result is readable. Feel free to tell otherwise in the comments. Given...

Time-Travel - An Emilia Clarke Story

by HairyDude96 on Jun 4, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Emilia Clarke was on her way to work; shooting Game of Thrones. She was headed to her make-up artist when a star-stuck crew-guy called her name. She turned around to look at him. He was cute. She looked down and saw a bulge in his pants. He blushed heavily. "I was told to bring you this," he said with a nervous voice. "It's a new necklace for Khaleesi!" Em...

The One True Queen Ch. 04

by Messyboy98 on Dec 11, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Over a week later, Michael and the others that had been infected prepared to head off for the film festival in London, Emilia had already gone off ahead of time to ensure they all got in, her plan was to infect anyone that could stop her servants from entering, as they would all be needed for the main event of the evening. They finished prepping themselves i...

Naked with the Stars

by 57 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Despite celebrities considers themselves some kind of special people, they’re just like us, the common ones, and they can live the same problems or embarrassing experiences that normal people could face. In this story, we will see that happen: Different celebrities, females, will live some curious and naughty adventures, in which they will lose all her cloth...

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Celebrities Blacked

by Yelawolf on Aug 27, 2019

Welcome to my new story. This is where we can read about our favorite and beautiful white actresses getting the dick that they deserve. These stories can be either in the actually show like Game of Thrones or Friends. Example Monica walk into the club with Rachel trying to find a good place to sit. When she see a large handsome black man waving them over. Or...

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