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Infinite Scroll

A Magical Visitor Ch. 05

by jmcidlv15 on Oct 21, 2019

As Emilia used her magic powers to move Jessica and Sarah through the air towards Sarah's apartment, she took a second to reminisce about how much fun she's had being Jessica's sneakers. Emilia was an omnipotent goddess, but she still had never experienced anything like this. It gave her a new perspective, using her powers to manipulate reality, but not bein...

Alyson's Second Anal Experience

by darktigerroar on Apr 24, 2018

This story takes place a few days after Alyson's First Anal Experience. "Why do you keep looking at me like that?" Emilia told Alyson it was because she had the most intense, body-shattering orgasm she ever had when she watched her boyfriend fuck her in the ass and make her cry aloud. She said seeing someone so quiet holler from a good ass fucking drove he...

Misty's Need Ch. 10

by BaileyMorganWrites on Apr 14, 2020
Erotic Horror

Emilia led Misty down the long hallway. Her room, she discovered, was almost all the way across the entire length of the house from Valentina's. All of the other doors Misty had seen in the house were of highly polished old wood. Hers she noticed was strikingly different. It was heavy steel, set into a heavy steel frame, with slits that could be opened from...

A Magical Visitor Ch. 04

by jmcidlv15 on Sep 24, 2019

"Emilia, you're back!" Madeline said with glee. "I am so glad to see you again! It's only been a day, but I already feel like it's been forever!" Oh honey, you flatter me, I just came to make dreams come true, like I always do! "Jessica, this is Emilia, she is the one who gave me my wonderful powers!" "Wow, it is so nice to meet you! You are amazingly...

A School for Spanking Ch. 02

by lovethosepanties on Jul 11, 2018

So there I was, laying on the bed laughing, alongside three beautiful naked women who had put me through the most extraordinary interview process imaginable. And to top it all off, I had actually landed the job! Emilia leaned over to me and, planting a soft kiss on my lips and grinning said: "If Sir doesn't mind I would like to shower and get ready for the...

Meeting the Boss

by GreenandGolden on Sep 14, 2020
Erotic Couplings

Hey readers! Just taking a brief break from writing my multi-chapter story 'birdcage'. This will be a stand-alone piece and I hope you all enjoy :) As always, feedback, comments, votes and favourites make my day, so keep them coming! Happy fapping, G Emilia wanted to fucking kill Trish. She'd asked for help with a compliance report, but had forgotten to...

A School for Spanking Ch. 04

by lovethosepanties on Oct 5, 2020

A School for Spanking Ch 04 The term started for real on Monday, and I had spent the remainder of my weekend preparing for the classes I had. Notwithstanding the events that had brought me to this place and job, I was very unsure of just exactly what the dynamic of the classroom would be. Up to now, I had not taught anyone above the age of 16. Now I was goi...

A Magical Visitor Ch. 06

by jmcidlv15 on Oct 8, 2019

Madeline walked back into her apartment after a day at the spa. She could have just conjured up a spa in her bedroom, sure, but it just wasn't the same, and she felt more normal going to the regular spa down the street from her, and enjoyed it just the same. She took a break from using her magic so much today, only using it to conjure some money to pay for...

Maidens in the Maze

by notorioushypno on Apr 14, 2020
Mind Control

Tagline: Emilia, the Mistress of Magic, and her lovely assistant Katrina are imprisoned in the wicked Duke Devlin's maze. Separated and subject to the maze's mental manipulations, will they escape, or will their minds be lost forever in the Duke's labyrinth? Author's Note: This was my entry in a story contest. Comments and criticism always welcome at my pr...


by ChocolateDeviant on Jul 15, 2020

Emilia stood in the bathroom mirror looking at herself, and judging the reflection she saw. Her pale skin was coated lightly with water from her shower, tiny droplets slid down her arms and crashed to the floor. Her locks were soaked, drying in the air, some strands clung to her forehead, while others limply swayed in the air. Passing one of her delicate han...