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P & M Ch. 01

by Tarbut on Sep 15, 2017

Editor's Note: story contains scat fetish content. * Mom has always had a constipation problem, and when dad died it apparently got worse; as she didn't tolerate many medications, she took a daily enema. Every day I administered it with a douche, and I admit I at times got aroused at her genitalia – but a son is supposed not to leer at them, so I stared...

Poor Liz has PMS

by doctorwes on Jul 17, 2019

Liz was a college sophomore and lived off campus with two other girls. This particular month she was in agony. She had had PMS before, but never like this. Her roommates told her that it was not normal and that she should go get checked out. Eventually, admitting that her friends were right, Liz called Campus Health Services and got an appointment two weeks...

Toilet Trio

by Scatella2008 on Dec 14, 2020

In their college dorm the two teen sisters, presented a united front, standing up for each other. Both spectacularly beautiful, they triggered a lot of envy in less lovely girls, who often schemed to spite them. So they frequently needed to defend each other. But at home the sisters never ceased to bicker, always finding something to argue about, usually som...

Chrissy...Janie Visits Again

by Vwrite on Sep 15, 2017

I came home from the office and Chrissy greeted me at the door with her usual sweet kiss. "Joey, honey, guess who called today….it was Janie. She wants to come for a visit. I told her that it would be OK and she will be here tomorrow afternoon." Janie, Chrissy's twin sister, had finished graduate school in May but had still not found a job. She was going to...

Bonita's Erotic Massage

by mafwriter on Oct 15, 2017

## Bonita is a 38 years old chubby woman, she lives with her son Alex after her separation. Alex is 18 years old, he studies in college. Today is Sunday and Bonita is feeling some lower back pain, she requests Alex for a massage. Alex: Ok mom, please lie in the bed. ## Bonita lies in her bed on her tummy and Alex starts massaging her waist. Bonita: Oh ni...

Return of the Bridesmaid

by doctorwes on Apr 24, 2019
Erotic Couplings

In the last story I introduced everyone to Martha and how we accidentally linked up at Dave and Katie's wedding where they had to share Uncle Jack's lake cottage instead of the local motel. After the wedding we both went our own ways and had no further contact. It is now some 15 years after the wedding, but life does present some odd twists from time to time...

Into the Saddle Again

by Astro1544 on Dec 25, 2019

Thanks for looking at my story. I'd better let you know that there is some BDSM, descriptions of anal enemas, and pissing. I hope you enjoy it. ===== Eighteen-year-old Beth stepped into the saddle on her little mare. The sun had been up almost two hours now but she was still getting an early start. Dudley, the big pack mule was loaded down and ready to go...

Wet and Wild

by brad3333 on Sep 16, 2017

Ben lay curled up on his bed, his slim, but fairly muscular body was wracked by pain. A college senior, he was home ill. He suffered from cramps, and every few minutes he suffered another lot of gut wrenching squeezing. He was also running a high fever, and he lay on his bed wearing only a pair of jockey underwear, sweating. Suddenly he heard the front door...

Cleaning Out Kelly Ch. 03

by Clausimotto on Sep 15, 2017

Later that morning, Kelly called two of her school buddies. Kelly invited Susan and Debbie over for the day and to spend the night. Kelly went to her mom’s room to how she was holding up. “Doing ok, Mom?” Kelly asked. “I’m ok. I’m just a little worn out from all the events of the last day. I had no idea that I was even capable of this. I can’t believe how...

Chrissy: Prepares For Date With Ted

by Vwrite on Sep 16, 2017

Jessica knocked and quickly opened the front door. She called out, “Chrissy! Is anyone home? It’s your mother. Hey kids, it’s your grandmother. Is anyone home?” Chrissy was upstairs but heard her mother call out. She came downstairs and said, “Mom, what a surprise! I was just going to call you because I need to talk to you. Come on in and I’ll get u...