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Infinite Scroll

Booty School Ch. 2

by makari on Sep 13, 2017
Mind Control

Booty School: Vocabulary Lesson No Minors allowed to read this story, no posting without byline, no showing this to people who do not wish to read sexual oriented material, no animals were harmed in the writing of this story. * * * * * When all eight young women were strapped into the chairs their heads were secured with the head restraining arms that wo...

A New Slave Boy

by Vslave on Jun 9, 2020

Hello all: The Moral Slavery Amendment Series will still continue: But this is a glimpse into the future of that world. The main series will be added to as well as this one if the reviews point in that direction. "Hurry up slave." The Man behind me grumbled, annoyed at my making it to the urinal a little before him. I would have finished before if not for n...

Booty School Ch. 3

by makari on Sep 13, 2017
Mind Control

Brandi knew what was going to happen as soon as manager left for his kids’ soccer game, and when she looked at the two cooks she knew what they were planning. The two of them took longer than normal to complete their work at the end of the day, and sent home everyone else except Brandi. Brandi was for her part working fairly slowly at her jobs too, due in pa...

Preface to My Slave World stories...

by masterxenophon1 on Mar 10, 2020

This preface is the background for most of my bondage and slavery stories. It describes a world where most girls are enslaved. Their bodies become owned property with no rights at all. At the moment most of my stories are brief visions into this world and do not exist in any order or anything that could be called a "book" but perhaps they will become organiz...

The Moral Slavery Ammendment

by Vslave on Mar 30, 2020

Eve and I opened our manila envelopes. The 32 amendment was set to go into effect at midnight, and now we would figure out what end we would be on. The night before we had hastily married two nights before, to ensure that whichever way it went, we would not be split up. I read mine first. "Congratulations Mark Smith, you have been selected as a slave...." I...

Social Exchange Games 01: 2050

by newcardforit on Oct 5, 2020

Prelude: This story world is set in a future timeline while reflecting on the past. Back in 2025, the world was at the brink of war. It had been about 100 years since the last one and the global politicians lead by a group of egotistic males were ready to tear each other apart. In these dark time, some feminist women with revolutionary ideals put water on th...

Hinn Ch. 35

by UsuallyPresent on Dec 2, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Editor's note: though not classified as Illustrated, this story contains images. Author's note -- Please read from chapter 1 to best comprehend all that's going on here. It's a complicated tale, and sexy-times happen as the story calls for them. Given everything else that's going on for Ray and company, they don't happen all that frequently. That may or may...

Idiokti̱sía, Ypi̱réti̱s, Políti̱s Ch. 08

by ninebol on Dec 11, 2018
Mind Control

Surgical Insertion Mitch certainly took advantage of the benefits of having the medallion around his neck. More than a few times he would enthrall some cute coed into his entertainment servant for an evening or a weekend, making her pleasure him and his sluts. But his apartment was small, so he always released them at the end. He found that the Políti̱s (Ci...

Establishing the Pleasure Economy

by newcardforit on Oct 13, 2020

This is a fiction and all characters are 18+ in age. These discussions are only fantasy elements and should never be thought in real life. This is the backstory for the Social Exchange Games. How it was started? It was 2025. Centuries of political competition at the global level has created a toxic environment where negotiation is seen as weakness. Trade w...

The Moral Slavery Ammendment Ch. 03

by Vslave on Apr 13, 2020

After Mistress had left us for her own apartment, Eve and I settled in for what would be one of many frustrating nights ahead of us. We only worsened our excitement as we kissed on the couch, as it was all we could do. Our chastity prevented any further contact. After achieving only further frustration for ourselves we decided to turn on the TV. That in itse...