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Tales of Dirty Old Man: Background

by Andyhm on Sep 5, 2017
Group Sex

Tales of Dirty Old Man: the background and main characters I've submitted this in group sex as the bulk of the chapters have been submitted in this section. I'm sorry if you don't think it should be here. I've had a lot of requests to explain the premises behind the family and list who the family members are. To be honest I need to refer back to my notes...

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Keeping It In The Family

by daddyslittlebitch on Sep 15, 2017

"Give it to me, let me get a taste of your hard, fleshy meat," I heard from the bedroom, "Let me get a suck on Daddy's dick." It was my brother's voice, but I couldn't believe what he was saying, he sounded like he was begging to suck cock. As far as I knew, my brother was completely straight. He was 21, I was 19. He had had a string of attractive girlfrien...

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A Slave to the Servants Ch. 36

by DoctorWolf on Sep 25, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Hello Lit! Thanks to everyone for the feedback and comments, Steve and I both read them! I will admit to still being behind on feedback via email. I'm catching up, just slowly! Thanks to all for the constructive advice about clothes vs cloth - oops. A word of advice to aspiring Lit authors - don't procreate, they are s-o-o-o-o time consuming! In a good way...

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I'll Dance at Your Wedding

by Stultus on Sep 13, 2017

Description: Everyone's favorite disaffected eccentric uncle honors an old solemn pledge, unloads a domestic burden and finds True Love all in the course of a rainy afternoon at a garden wedding reception. A quirky romantic reminder that sometimes you do get second chances in life. Size: 45 KB ( ~ 9400 words) Type: Romantic Sexual Contents: No Sex Codes: MF...

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Family Trials

by dreamgiver7 on Jun 29, 2017

Family Affairs Victoria - Mom (Blonde) Jessica - Older Sister (Brunette) Kelli - Younger Sister (Blonde) Family Matters Allison - Mom (Redhead) Erica - Little Sister (Redhead) Family Frustrations Elizabeth - Mom (Brunette) Katherine - Little Sister (Brunette) ATTENTION: Rape is wrong, immoral, and illegal. Please don't do it! Fantasizing and reading about...

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The Packages Ch. 01

by beaverhunt on Jul 3, 2018

This is a story about a family receiving a series of packages that promises to reward them financially if they follow the rules. It starts out very mild, but eventually leads the family deeper into incestuous acts. This is told in the first person narrative from the viewpoint of the husband and father of the family, Jackson Quiller. You are Jackson Quiller...

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Big Changes At Home Ch. 13

by polyman on Sep 15, 2017

Chapter Thirteen Rebirth Of The Thompson Family The alarm clock screamed that next morning and Richard smacked the annoying device into silence. Looking around the darkened room, for a moment he was perplexed to find himself in the smaller room. He looked around the room, which used to be Owen's room, and wondered why he wasn't in his room. The answer hit...

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A Bride for the Entire Family

by BrettJ on Sep 13, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Cindie Hightower's entire body still tingled with the memory of the wonderful fucking her daddy had given her moments ago. Kalyn was so right, fucking was the best. She hoped that daddy would fuck her again soon, but if not, she had options -- plenty of them! Cindie just basked in the afterglow of her happiness, remembering that only just a month ago, things...

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Kayla's Reunion

by taloniv on Jul 8, 2017

There’s a family reunion happening in the Dillard family! There were 9 kids in all, 6 men and 3 women, most of them married with kids of their own by now. What used to be a close tight nit family has grown apart, however, focusing on their own lives and ambitions. Jessica, 38, has 4 children of her own, Jen, who is 22, Jason who is 20, Kevin, who is 19, and...

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Husband is Finally Set Free Ch. 02

by lover1953 on Jun 3, 2019
Loving Wives

I'm sure that you remember Marcus from the Windsor family. You might recall that some time ago Marcus was given a pretty brutal punishment by this wife for essentially being inattentive to her needs and spending too much time at work. You see, the Windsor family are very rich; billionaires with a 'B' that is. Stinking rich. You also recall that the family is...

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