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Family nudist cum fun.

by nakedfun90 on Mar 18, 2020

This is my first submission so there may be a lot to improve! * Finally exams were over and Mark Jones headed back to his dorm for the last time as a freshmen at HSU, small liberal arts school which he and his family loved. As its roots started with Germany's nudist FKK movement this was core to the Jones family ethos of family nudism. Marks family owned...

The Nudist Camp

by JeanneSis on Sep 16, 2017

We'd been nudists all our lives but we'd also been dirt farmers in a poor part of the country and we hadn't been anywhere to be with other nudists so when the magazine came we really got excited. It was titled "Nudist Camps Reviewed" and it had the names and places of nudist camps all across the country with pictures and descriptions. Daddy and momma pored...

Jack in Vermont

by macbuzz on Sep 11, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Growing up I lived in a house where nudity was taken for granted. It is not like we were doing this for the sake of showing off but it was natural to our family, like breathing. My parents never worried if the kids saw them naked because everyone was naked and it was an unwritten rule that while we were at home no one wore clothes. Since there were no other...

My First Trip to a Nudist Club

by jessnudist on Sep 19, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

If you read my last account of my journey into nudism, you'd know that Claire and I have pushed our limits even further to where we're pretty much spending all our time naked, and even going for late night walks in the nude around the neighborhood. The next story is an account of my first trip to a nudist club. Claire and I had been spending a lot of time...

My Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 02

by regularguy13 on Sep 19, 2017

Chapter 02 EDITED 12/16 The Family that is Naked Together, Stays Together Family Commits to a New, Nude Life Dave made coffee while Angie cooked the breakfast eggs. He opened a cabinet and grabbed the sugar bowl. Behind it, he found a letter. "What's this?" he asked. "Ah." Angie had forgotten that she had hidden that there yesterday. "Dave, I put it t...

Huge Exhibitionist Party Ch. 05

by SoaringPaul on Aug 30, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

[Continuation of exhibitionist party, now in full swing... of body parts that is! All the characters are over 18 years old.] The nudist party was already bustling with more than a couple dozen guests by mid-afternoon when the Vietnamese twins boss's brother arrived. George was pleasantly surprised that my daughter Melody hadn't been kidding about a house p...

The Old Gogenfart Farm Ch. 05

by LIVINRFANTASIES on Sep 16, 2017

Way up North End of an Era Ch5 Camping and Bondage Stories Just stuff to ponder. There wasn't really a lot of bondage during our two weeks at the resort. No real torture but a lot of kinky sex. Looking back, we made a couple of old people happy and a couple of people who are old now have memories to relive the good ole days. We'd met a couple who enjo...

No More Limits Ch. 09

by PanWhoWrites on Sep 24, 2019
Mind Control

After casually quizzing her to see if the suggestion had stuck, it had been a bit of effort to kick Marcie out. After she'd swallowed my seed down, she'd wanted me to fuck her. I claimed to be out of condoms, ignored her (admittedly tempting) offer to go bareback in her ass, and sprinted up the stairs to Lucy's room. "Lucy!" I called through the door, bu...

Julie From the Beach Ch. 01

by jaywill on Jan 23, 2019
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

This is a three-part story of an encounter I had with a nudist girl and her family when I was home from college. . . . . . . . . . . My toes sank into the sand as I strolled along the shoreline. After a year in New England for college, the Southern California sun on my skin warmed me like a blanket. I hadn't been to this beach since the previous summer, an...

Naked Nanas Negative Nude Day

by andtheend on Sep 16, 2017
Group Sex

Nursing home nanas get naked on National Nude Day but for the wrong reason. Ralph was a nudist, but if you asked Ralph, he preferred referring to himself as a naturalist, since he always thought it natural to be nude. His parents were nudists or naturalists, too, and he grew up being comfortable around the naked body. Nudity was no big deal to him and seein...