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Blood and Ice Ch. 16

by shadow_raider on Sep 26, 2017

Chapter Sixteen: The Quest For The Sword Of Shadows Part Three "Are you sure?" grandfather said. "Very sure. It's defiantly the sword." I said. "How reliable are her visions?" grandfather asked father. "Father, do not underestimate her. She has successfully made me and Melissa look like idiots and a good few of my council men as well." "Very well, w...

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Blood and Ice Ch. 22

by shadow_raider on Sep 26, 2017

Chapter Twenty Two: The Final Battle Part Two I felt my wings spring forth I felt them flex and settle. They had grown. They were slightly bigger than father's but my wings were completely grey. I heard Gabriel gasp. "That's not possible! You can't shift!" "Oh, but I can Gabriel!" I said as I jumped into the air. I grabbed Gabriel and threw him throug...

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Chance Encounter Ch. 25

by Miguel59 on Sep 15, 2017

Miguel threw Father's question back at him, "Why? I'm sure Jean told you her reasons." Father insisted Miguel answer the question, "I'm not asking her. I'm asking you." Miguel took in a deep breath then exhaled slowly, "Well, Father it's because of her faith. She believes conception should occur at the moment of coital orgasm. She could get pregnant from m...

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House Cleaner Teaches Father Dale Ch. 2

by SweetcheeksSt on Sep 14, 2017
First Time

I was sooooooo horney. I knew that the next day I was going to be his teacher .I snuck out and got into my car. My head was swimming with thoughts of how I was going to do this. It was my day off, and I knew that father Dale would be in the church practicing his homily. I put on my slinkiest dress & that was all! The top barely covered my big tits. Did my m...

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Her Father's Daughter

by erotic_writer_girl on Dec 12, 2018

Jake Caraway stood at his drawing table in the little artist's retreat he had built for himself by the creek. He watched as the sun set low over the Blue Mountains and the Caraway's house seemed to nestle in closer to the mountainside. A soft glow emanated from the window. Inside the Caraway house 18-year-old Jenny busied herself stoking the fire so the ho...

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The Ivory Club Ch. 05

by LordRamsay on Sep 25, 2017
Interracial Love

After finishing her "confession", Jane opened her eyes to see the last remnants of spunk bursting out of Father Ambrose's mighty cock. He looked at her and smiled. Taking a hanky, he cleaned himself up and covered up his still erect cock with his cassock. The time had come to fuck the living daylights out of this bitch, Father Ambrose thought. He knew it a...

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Tina's Confession

by LeCoach on Aug 31, 2017
First Time

"Bless me father, for I have sinned." Young Tina McGregor recited from memory. "My last confession was three weeks ago." "My God!" She couldn't help but think. "Only three weeks?" so much had happened and now she would have to confess it all or face eternal damnation! Father John Flanagan always looked forward to hearing little Tina's confession. Oh sure.....

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Forgive Me Father

by Fridge63 on Sep 1, 2017
Humor & Satire

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It has been about three and a half weeks since my last confession," Rowena declared to Father O'Dowd before removing her wet knickers and spreading her legs around the randy priest's face. The taste of her sweet eighteen year old pussy sent the blood flowing from his head straight to his raging penis making him even har...

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If Your're 18 & Love...a Father

by Mycke on Sep 16, 2017

Life can be utterly confusing, especially if you are an 18 year old hottie, in love with a man of the clothe. Read on!!! Rachel volunteered for a priest - a man of God. His name was Father David and he was a magnificent man, whose gigantic compassion for others was only equaled by the size of his cock. He was her mentor, and she was his Mary Magdeleine. Ma...

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Bless Me Father for I have Sinned 08

by SusanJillParker on Sep 12, 2017
Group Sex

Please vote. Please give me the support of your vote. * Father Thomas and Father John give Sister Kathryn a double dose of reverse exorcism by the both of them not only cumming in her mouth but also cumming in her ass too. Continued from Chapter 7: "Oh, my God. That was the best anal sex I ever head. Sorry, I meant to say, that was the best reverse exorc...

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