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Infinite Scroll

Join the Feminine Side

by Onyxdragon100 on Oct 25, 2020
Fan Fiction

Males from all fictional world will soon find themselves varies scenarios, which will end in the lost of their masculinity. That include movies, tv shows, anime, cartoons and books. Anything from forced noncon male to female transformation, forced noncon crossdressing, forced noncon Emasculation, forced noncon sissification, humiliation and such is encourage...

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Sex therapist

by qaz on Sep 1, 2016

Who do we follow?What's next? A boy A girl What's next? A boy A girl...

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BLACKEDmailed Into Being a Sissy

by AnonWriter on Jun 17, 2019

Author's note: I've hit serious writer's block with Tales of Feminization, so I decided to try something a little slower and more limited in scope. I'll be focusing on one primary storyline at first, slowly branching out with other choices. You'll notice some chapters will have multiple choices, but this is just to act as a reminder for me for future content...

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sissy's life

by cdbaby on Apr 20, 2018

INTRODUCTION: (sorry the way it was originally seemed unclear) Sissies, they're all over the world, and beyond. Discover their origins, their fears, their lusts.What's next? halloween vinny Messaging with a dream Trendsetting slumber pary Are you my Mummy? What's next? halloween vinny Messaging with a dream Trendsetting slumber pary Are you my Mummy?...

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Feminization Games

by Snoe72 on Jul 8, 2016

You wake in your bed like any other day before it, barely aware of anything but the soft warmth of it under you. The whole world practically doesn't exist at this point, and for the time being you're content to lie there and enjoy the softness and the fact that for a few more moments nothing matters but your dreams. That wont last, it never does eventually y...

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Neighbourhood Sissy

by Abusedbyfuta on Feb 7, 2019

Your a young man in his late teens. Average build, average height, brown hair, green eyes. You know the type never stood out in a crowd for your good looks but never scared children when you went to the store either. Having just finished high school ou decide to start doing odd jobs around the neighbourhood to raise some money. Maybe it was college, maybe it...

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The Basement Ch. 01

by FiveDots on Dec 24, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

Happy to be writing again after a long absence caused mostly by RPing instead. While this is the first chapter of what will be a forced feminization story, this chapter is mostly forced m/m with the feminization only foreshadowed. If you are only interested in feminization, feel free to skip to the second chapter. This story will also involve shrinking, ano...

Tales of Feminization

by AnonWriter on Jun 11, 2014

In a seemingly normal town, a new social movement is taking place. White boys are encouraged to act, dress, and be feminine. You are a student at this school, and this is story of how you become a dirty sissy slut. Choose a boy to play as and be feminized. (All characters in this story are of legal age) (I'm only working on Mark's story right now, but feel f...

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Bdsm adventures

by Sgtwolf on Dec 7, 2017

This story is for a compilation of many different bdsm adventures. It was formerly known as latex adventures, but as chapters developed they dealt more and more with different aspects of bdsm, and less consistently with latex. Latex still exists as a strong element in many of the chapters, namely because I like to write about characters wearing it. I created...

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Ashram 64

by suppleWriter on Sep 17, 2017

This story has very mild femdom/feminization. If you copy it, please keep my name attached. SuppleWriter * My name was Steve, and it is time to tell my story. Ten years ago I was 32, living a high-pressure life in Los Angeles, and doing yoga in my free time. Based on the people I met at work, I began to see that male attitudes were often destructive (a...