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Women Enjoying Naked Men Ch. 03

by escriterra on Sep 13, 2017

The muscles in her hips she had pressed into use as she fucked fantasy-Darrian the night before were actually sore the next morning as Taryn went through her gym routine. It was a delicious soreness. She looked forward to exercising those muscles so they wouldn't be sore. Taryn was ready. She just couldn't find a guy to peg. So it was good ol' dependab...

Pegging Surprise

by jane1179 on Sep 19, 2017

Surprise pegging for my wonderful husband My hubby and I have been married for almost 5 years, No children yet, and we are both approaching 30 years old. We have been playing around with anal toys and a strap on for a little over a year now. I have a very rough and tough masculine husband, and never consider him a sissy in any way. Our pegging fun is stric...

Daphne & Carl at the Juniper Inn Ch. 03

by CaspianTern on Sep 14, 2017

Daphne had decided to give Carl a bath. He lay in the large, luxurious tub illuminated by scented candles that his wife had prepared earlier. Daphne sat in a chair next to the tub beside her husband. She had on her platform, high heeled, chrome buckled mistress boots. She had taken off her corset and replaced it with a transparent black bra. Her nipples stoo...

Sarah Visits Gramps: Pegging!

by tmanners on Apr 21, 2020

Although not completely necessary, I would recommend you read Sarah visits Gramps: An Awakening first as it explains how Sarah was first introduced to Gramps and his sex life! A second installment of the series Sarah visits Gramps: And this time wants his cock and a third Sarah visits Gramps: Sex Toy Party continues the escapades with Sarah, Gramps and all....

Cul-De-Sac: A Story in Around Ch. 03

by ZotDragon on Sep 13, 2017
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"Put down those damn binoculars!" Gina raged at Roger. He had been at the tinted window for most of the evening. "He had two women over tonight, the new girlfriend and the regular slampiece," Roger reported eagerly while reluctantly putting the high-powered binoculars onto the shelf next to the window where he did his regular viewing. "You're going to get...

Cissy's Pegging Parlour

by Pinkmanties on Mar 18, 2020

Fella's are you looking for a little backdoor action? Maybe you want those cheeks to feel the sting of a riding crop, or you want your boipussy filled with a firm supple dildo, or maybe you're just looking for a girl who will put your manclitty in a cage and tell you what a bad boy you've been! Come on down to Cissy's Pegging Parlour where your dreams become...

Bollywood mixed wrestling

by maverick11111 on Oct 13, 2016

This is your first mixed wrestling experience. You have waited a long time to wrestle women. And you find yourself an opportunity to wrestle bollywood babes.What's next? Kareena Kapoor Kriti Sanon Deepika Padukone Priyanka Chopra katrina kaif What's next? Kareena Kapoor Kriti Sanon Deepika Padukone Priyanka Chopra katrina kaif...

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The Best Present: Pegging my Man

by silkstockingslover on Sep 25, 2017

Summary: A wife discovers her husband is curious about pegging and.... Note 1: This is a Holiday 2016 Contest Story so please vote. Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, Dave and goamz86 for editing this story. The Best Present Ever: Pegging my Man I was working from home, stuck with a sick child, when my whole world changed. My work laptop died and...

Biracial Somali Dominatrix

by Samuelx on Sep 17, 2017

Muslim women are supposed to be boring, dull and repressed, that's what a lot of otherwise intelligent people believe. My name is Mariam Jabari and I'm here to refute these absolutely false claims. I was born in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to a Somali immigrant father, Ahmed Jabari, and a white Canadian mother, Marilyn Samson. I am the daughter of two very...

Mistress Training Guide

by Kerrysslave on Jan 1, 2019
How To

Slave Training basics Let me start by saying that I love my husband. Some people have a desire to submit, some have a desire to dominate. This is the way I trained Allen. People very quiet a bit. I will explain why I have these basic rules and steps. The most important thing is to be consistent. 1. Never let him know what your ultimate goal is. Never e...