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Infinite Scroll

A freeuse world as a girl

by Sundayhiker on Sep 26, 2017
Erotic Couplings

The story revolves around a 20 year old girl Alana, in her second year of university. She has a part time job working as a waitress at the local hard rock cafe, she has red hair, blue eyes and her star sign is aries. in 2014 the european countries passed the freeuse law, the law has 3 main acts 1: The freeuse act allows anyone to have sex with anyone at any...

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Dimension Hopping

by LiteraryLover on Apr 15, 2016
Science Fiction

"Log entry number 23-9, I, Jonathan Caine, have become the first person to transcend the dimensional curtain and travel to alternate universes. I've explored eight universes so far, some only slightly skewed from our own, others very different. The following logs will be my recounts of these universes as I return to them. And possibly more that I may tr...

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Global Freeuse Laws

by darkbitchindia on Jan 14, 2018

Well, recently the entire world started accepting the new law that changed the world completely. They call it the Forced Nudity/Free Use Act which was passed in 2050 by the US Government. The law promised a decline in the rate of daily sexual assault reported in the country, and to be honest the gamble paid well there was a dip of 70% in sexual assault cases...

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Smut Anthology

by lolhappy250 on Dec 9, 2018

This "story" is meant to be a replacement for my tumblr, since they decided to fuck themselves right after I started a blog, and since all my content was erotica anyways, this seemed like a serviceable choice. As such, within you'll find a variety of short stories and flash fiction, rather than an overarching plot. Fair warning, I lean heavily towa...

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Freeuse Society

by doggslider on Sep 26, 2017

Today is my birthday! I'm finally 18. Once you're 18, you can finally experience the pleasures of the Freeuse Act. In 1984, a new law was passed in the United States called the Freeuse Act, which allows anyone age 18 and over to have consensual sex with anyone else of legal age, anywhere! Nudity and incest were also legalized. This mean that I have to switch...

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One Piece: Permission to Freeuse

by ClassroomOrgy69 on Sep 26, 2017
Mind Control

Yo ho, a pirate's life for me. I mean, when you consume a powerful devil fruit, you basically have a handful of choices in this world, and pirate is the one with the most freedom, not just for you but those around you. My power gives me more freedom than I know what to do with regardless of my path. Right now I'm hitching a ride with a crew that shares my wa...

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New universes, here I cum

by Tip on Sep 12, 2016

Your name is Darnell Johnson, an 18-year old African-American male. While walking along on the way to school, you hear a loud bang and feel a splitting headache. When you woke up, you realize that you are no longer in your hometown but instead find yourself in a white long hallway. There were doors on each side with strange symbols on them. Each door had thr...

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Freeuse for One

by elkomusic on Dec 21, 2019
Mind Control

Author's note: Feel free to add onto the story yourself, but please use proper grammar and prose. Enjoy! You are Stephen, a 19-year-old living by himself in a modest apartment, who has just woken up after a strange dream. In your dream, a mysterious being told you that you had the power of something called 'freeuse.' You'd never heard of it before, but it w...

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Toilets in an Alternate Reality

by CON2H4 on Oct 17, 2018

You are in a deep dream when suddenly you feel a mysterious presence. You strangely feel at peace, but at the same time vulnerable, eventually this presence speaks. "You Are about to enter an alternate reality that is very different from your own. In your own world, you were raised since around two years old to pee into a strange bowl under a seat like...

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Candids from the Freeuse World

by Freeuse_Magazine on Sep 14, 2019

This is a collection of abandoned ideas, short stories, and scenes. Some of them might get updated, reworked or continued, some not. I hope you'll enjoy them. DISCLAIMER: All characters in the stories are of legal age and above.What's next? Drawing Lessons The Resourceful Flight Attendant A Bank Heist Goes Wrong Mom is busy Careful Who You Present Your Girl...

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