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Infinite Scroll

Drawn into Passion Ch. 02

by Monmusu_Writer on Sep 5, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

AN: This chapter is a bit heavy on plot and exposition, though there is some sex at the end. ****** Lee looked at the game for a second, then looked away. It was the third time he'd done so this night, and the eighth or ninth time this week. "It doesn't make any sense," he said to himself, heedless of the common wisdom about people who talked to themse...

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Coach's Conquests Ch. 09

by MrDean70 on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

The coach and Tamica spent Saturday night at the cabin and returned to Lakeville Sunday. In an effort to make sure no one suspected a thing, Tamica left more than a couple hours before Bret. He was the hoping that come Monday morning, she would act like Monique had acted a couple weeks earlier: as if nothing had happened over the weekend. He was right. Tami...

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Gameshow Ch. 02

by mcfbridge on Sep 26, 2017

Vic Granger evaluated all applications to the IslandX Game personally. He'd had come up with the idea for the show 3 years earlier. It had taken him over 2 years to put it together. Then, about 9 months ago, it had become a reality. They had broadcast over 35 shows now and Vic felt they finally had the bugs worked out. It had taken a few games to refine the...

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Sally Playing Games Ch. 03

by olejimr on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

CHAPTER THREE SCRATCHING LOTTERY CARDS Sally let Dave enjoy himself for about five minutes, then called time out. As far as Sally was concerned, Dave had taken his prize, she had her forty dollars, and it was time for another beer and possibly a joint or two. We all sat down at the game table. Harold and I got some fresh mugs and Dave began pouring everyo...

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Bar Made

by Hellen_S on Sep 13, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Hi all this is my 1st story in Literotica. I have help in editing this from fast_flash (thanks!). Hope you like it and encourage me to submit more stories! ****************** This is a true story that had happened almost 6 years ago. I am 27 now. I am a very sexy lady (178cm high, 51Kgr, 90-52-87), long black hair, black eyes, long legs and a tanned body,...

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Journal Entry

by baubleheadz on Jul 18, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Journal Entry 11-11-2017 I don't know exactly how to explain this, but who else do I tell; I have mixed feelings about all of this so I'm going to tell you the story of my experiences, maybe writing this all down will help me sort it all out. So, Dear Journal, Since I don't write in you often, I'll have to start from the beginning and tell you everythin...

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Mother & Son Celebrate Christmas Ch. 05

by SusanJillParker on Sep 26, 2017

Warning: The Pretend Game is just a game of pretend. DO NOT PLAY THE PRETEND GAME AT HOME without professional supervision. No characters in this story are underage. Mother is 49-years-old and her son is 28-years-old * The Pretend Game. Play it if you dare, only be forewarned, you must always remain in character to play The Pretend Game. "What if we play...

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by Justtoold on Sep 14, 2017
Group Sex

This is a quickie story and not as long as I usually write. It's also like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have. It's sort of like those old time radio shows where you have to use a lot of imaginatio...

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A Visit to an Arcade

by pinball_fun on Sep 12, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

Chapter One -- A Valentine Surprise On first entering, I see nothing unusual in the room. You said you wanted to try out a video arcade you'd heard of, and I was willing, figuring you wanted to relive some moments from your youth. I can see Pool tables, a few dart boards, some pinball machines, and plenty of the Atari-style video games. In one corner, I not...

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Changing The Ref's Call

by Sport7777 on Sep 14, 2017

It was the senior women’s hockey semi final game between Alberta and Ontario. It was a rough and chippy game. Bill expected some hostilities as both teams beat the crap out of each other in the round robin play. Bill and his BC crew were looking to finish off their weeklong assignments with a bang. This would be their last game because Team B.C. had won thei...

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