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Infinite Scroll

Futa Fairytales Ch. 04

by Fuzzypen on Sep 25, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

"Wow..." Jackie looked up in amazement at the towering beanstalk growing in her back yard. It had appeared overnight, after her mother, in anger, had thrown the beans she'd brought home out the kitchen window. Jackie had gotten the beans in a trade with an old woman she'd met in the village market. The woman had promised the beans were magic, and would put...

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Giantess Encounter

by adrammalech on Feb 6, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

I carefully lifted the huge beer, the size of a two-liter soda bottle - and heavier still from the thick glass mug it had been poured into. I'd seen some of the male staff in the bar carry them one-handed - with some effort - but not me. No, not sickeningly petite Annabeth, whose hands were even smaller than one would think for a five-foot-tall girl who did...

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The Stranger

by shinydonkey on Apr 1, 2020
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Stranger in the woods 1 Emma Pinkerton never married. Not because she didn't want to or had no interest in forming long-lasting relationships, over the years she had had quite a few short affairs but nothing seemed to come of them, there was no fire between her and anyone else and at fifty-two Emma was resigned to the fact that she may never find the r...

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Sasquatch Woman

by bradchung on Aug 8, 2014
Science Fiction

Crystal Falls, Northwest USA 11 pm. Under the cover of darkness..amongst the towering pine trees of Crystal Falls National Park..a group of four men conducted their covert activities. They were doing seismic tests for oil..which were illegal in a wildlife sanctuary. "Come on!..Let's get this done with..the boss says there's oil in this part of the park....

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Arin's Birthday Party Pt. 02

by BubbleMonarch on Aug 5, 2019

Lana sat in a small clearing in a forest next to the smoldering remains of a campfire. She realized that she was in a dream when she saw her clothes: thick iron armor, with a large sword, shield, and horned helmet. A voice invaded her thoughts, and thanks to dream logic she was suddenly certain of three things: she was called "The Shieldmaiden," who had lost...

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Connie's Weed Pt. 02

by PaulGerard on Sep 25, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Connie's Weed, Part 2 — Standing On The Bosoms Of Giants A four part tale, laced heavily with lesbian encounters and strange transformations. ~ A word of warning, before you even start reading: A lot of what happens in this story focuses on the rather weird fetish of Breast Expansion (BE) -- from A to D, and occasionally up to and ultimately beyond the si...

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Arin's Birthday Party Pt. 03

by BubbleMonarch on Sep 24, 2019

With a huge effort, Arin stepped aboard the small square craft, floating about ankle-height off the raised walkway. It was almost nine o'clock at night, and she needed to get back to her airship. The only problem was her brother Lea: he'd attended the first part of a meeting with her that afternoon, and split off from her around four to get some food. Arin h...

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The Hive Island - Prologue

by drelord2102 on Sep 13, 2017
Group Sex

Adam could not sleep in the room given to him despite it being reasonably comfortable. Sounds of all nature poured into the room. He listened carefully and tried to understand the nature of the sound or its source. He could not. He twisted and turned as the memories of the past few weeks came flashing back to him. He was on board the merchant vessel Ariel i...

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The Pact Ch. 07

by bergec on Jul 2, 2018
Humor & Satire

"In nearly a hundred years of adventuring, I've never run into more shit than I get into with thee," Steve whispers to Lisa. It is hard for her to hear his complaints over the sound of twenty foot tall giants fucking on the immense oak bed they are hiding under. She just shrugs and tries to keep from grinning too much. The situation is very fun to her. Bub...

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Stiff Sentencing For A Young Man Ch. 02

by SugarandSalt on Sep 16, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

Characters appear or are referred to in this chapter which were only present in the prequel to "Stiff Sentencing For A Young Man," "Land of the Giant Shemales," but you don't have to read the prequel to understand this chapter because this is Ellis' first introduction to these characters as well. I would recommend it, though, because it's got a ton of big-di...

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