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Gloryhole Sister

by HeyAll on Dec 25, 2019

In the fast paced world of investment banking, it was only natural that hard working analysts, associates, and managers would need an outlet to relax. It was somewhat of an open secret for those 'in-the-know' that such an outlet existed. Emily knew about the office Gloryhole, but she never participated. It didn't excite her, but it didn't repulse her either...

Futa Gloryhole

by Rex711 on May 22, 2020

(No new chapters will be released for a while as I'm unavailable due to injuries. Unknown away time) This is my first story so it won't be amazing but i will try my best and i hope everyone enjoys it, I am writing this because there aren't many good Futa Gloryholes ( at least not none i haven't already read ) I plan on writing quite a bit for this story sinc...

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Tim Discovers... Ch. 03

by dnnudism64 on Sep 28, 2020

This is a continuation of "Tim discovers his bitch step-sister's and bitch step-mother's secrets" chapters. But it's too long and won't fit in the title space roomy, so had to cut it down shorty. Enjoy reading! - - - - - - - - - - - Part 3: Back at the gloryhole that where step-sister work ********** It had been a few days since Tim's experience at the g...

Gloryhole Surprise

by breastysadie on Sep 15, 2017

I love to suck cock when I'm horny, and on this particular day I'm quite turned on. It's late summer and school is starting up again soon. I've just turned eighteen and can't wait to start my senior year - so many football player dicks to suck! Never mind the male teachers. They hook up with students a lot more often than you think. Craving the taste of co...

Relatively Short Stories

by Deadedge on Jan 21, 2021

A quick and dirty story collection by a group of great writers! (Spearheaded by Dansak, JerkGently, wixxy, wilparu and Sarckle(who came up with the title) to name a few!) These are meant to be shorter smut stories than the usual sprawling works you might find on the site. And that's all you need to know! These stories will fall into any setting. Any genre. A...

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Gloryhole Mother

by HeyAll on Jul 30, 2019

Jennifer was a woman with a dark fantasy. As a 44 year old accountant who worked in an office building, she dreamed of sucking cock at a nearby gloryhole she discovered online. Nothing sleazy. Nothing gross. From what she read, most of the patrons were businessmen who needed a little 'relief' during their lunch break. And most of the 'performers' were stri...

Gloryhole Surprise Ch. 03

by breastysadie on Sep 15, 2017

I'm nervous. Daddy told me to be here at seven o'clock sharp, and here I am standing in his living room, but he's nowhere to be found. I remove my jacket to reveal the outfit he'd told me to wear—a pair of black fishnet pantyhose with a big hole cut out of the crotch to expose my round ass and hairless pussy. No top or bra whatsoever. I'm standing here with...

My 18th Birthday

by Scott_Heywood on Sep 15, 2017

It had been a week since my big, overdone, 18th birthday with my Family. After a boring week at School, Norman informed me that He and David were gonna take me out for me birthday. Norman picked me up and We headed to Davids. David came walking out with His Girlfriend, Amy. Norman was a good looking Guy, 19, light-brown hair 6ft, and well built. David w...

The Sons Club Ch. 05

by Aprils_slave_marie on May 15, 2019

(Fifth Installment of the Sons Club) The Clubhouse was complete. Sara's husband Mason (47) and my husband Chet (48) had jointly purchased the small ranch house that was directly behind our properties. Our homes were adjacent which made visiting one another very easy through the backyards. This new house shared the border of both back yards as well and our...

Gloryhole Surprise Ch. 02

by breastysadie on Sep 15, 2017

It had been three months since Daddy and I first encountered each other at the gloryhole, and he was still "punishing" me daily. I got bare-bottom spankings, belt whippings, and brutal over-the-knee paddlings. Sometimes he made me stand with my nose in the living room corner, with my skirt pulled up and my panties pulled down, so he could jerk off to my as...