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Poolside Fun with Grandma and Aunt

by mamasboyboy on Sep 15, 2017

Since I was young, I used to go over to my aunt's house to play with my cousin or to swim in the swimming pool at my aunt's house. Since both of my parents usually work till quite late, after school, I used to follow my cousin to my aunt's house and stayed there until dinner. So I was quite close to my cousin and my aunt and most of my childhood, I grew up i...

Watching Mom & Grandma Ch. 02

by AugustBreeze on Sep 16, 2017

I awoke with my mother's most sacred and intimate flavor still lingering in my mouth while the scent of her totally engulfed me. Stirring my slumbering naked body across the soft sheets of her bed in the early morning light, I inhaled deeply of my treasured matriarch's heavenly aroma. As my eyes slowly opened, my heart clutched as I discovered her lying besi...

My Summer of Awakening Ch. 02

by eosexy on Sep 15, 2017

The next few days with my Grandparents were a whirlwind of nudity and sex. None of us would wear any clothes and my own all-over tan started to darken. The lack of clothes being worn by all not only saved Grandma from doing laundry, but also opened up many opportunities for fucking and sucking. Every morning, it seems, either Grandpa or I, or both would take...

Mrs. Claus! Ch. 03

by royhoffman on Jun 9, 2020

PART TWO: GRANNY'S GIFT Part Two takes place almost immediately after Part One. Although, I hope you read and enjoy the Part One, you don't really have to do so in order to understand this submission. Moist lingering kisses trailed across my chest stopping at my nipples. Warm lips and a hot tongue, hidden behind a curtain of long white hair, licked and t...

Grandma and the Sunshine Girls Club

by blaster666 on Jul 3, 2018

WARNING: This story contains incestuous sex between a Grandmother and her really big dicked Grandson, so if that's not your cup of tea then please select another story to read. This is also my entry into the 2018 Nude Day contest. As always I welcome your comments, good or bad. We were seated at the table having dinner when my father, William Baxter the fi...

Edie's Journey Ch. 04

by penny_coyne on Sep 14, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

Part 4 -- Life with Grandpa The plane touched down uneventfully and being a domestic flight there was no customs inspection. I wheeled my luggage tote through the arrivals area seeking a taxi stand which I found in short order. My grandparents lived in the more rural part of the state and had been farmers. They sold off most of their land as their children...

Going to Grandma's House Ch. 01

by redkissy on Oct 14, 2017

I am your typical twenty-year-old broke college student. I am six feet tall with very broad shoulders; I played football all through high school. I still go to the gym on campus to stay in shape. I live in the same town as my dad's parents. Every once in a while, I will call to see if I can bring my laundry over to do. Grandma always tells me to come on over...

Not Your Average Grandma

by MisterReason on Sep 15, 2017

This is a complete story, although there is a sequel possible if reader interest is there. *** To the rest of our family, Grandma Rose was - let's be charitable and use the word "eccentric". In the words of my mother, my father's mother was a "nuttier than a fruitcake" and often suggested that she be put in a rubber room somewhere. To me, Grandma Rose was...

Sex-Mad Gran

by Amnoartist on Jul 3, 2018

### NOTE: The characters in this story partaking in sexual activities of any nature are all aged 18 or over. ### Her long brown hair flowing in the gentle wind, your mother wore a blue checked shirt and matching denims with low heels to accentuate her calves, every gentle breath forced her pornstar chest to expand and attack the shirt that, surprisingly,...

Summer of '88 Pt. 01

by Thrognar on Aug 21, 2018

Ahh, the 80's. MTV still showed music videos, gas was cheap, the video game industry was trying to recover from the video game crash of 1983, and horrible things like reality TV, Hollywood remaking/rebooting movies that didn't need to be remade/rebooted and political correctness hadn't ruined everything yet. For me, 1988 is the year that will always stick o...