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Roni's Holiday Visit to San Angelo

by Exporoni on Sep 15, 2017

For any new readers, a bit of info about myself; I am petite, about 4'11, weighing close to 90 pounds. I have very dark, almost black hair, and I have dark brown, some say smoldering, eyes. I have a few freckles and very noticeable dimples. I am small bone with measurements of 34-21-34, BUT I also wear a C+ cup size and my aureoles are about three inches acr...

Tell Me a Story, Grandma

by MisterReason on Sep 15, 2017

Andy was just like most healthy 18 year old guys, with a mind that pretty much focused on music, sports and girls - not necessarily in that order - but young Andrew's tastes were a bit different that many of his age. That was why when everybody else was chasing girls their age around, Andy was content to help his grandmother out around her house almost ever...

A New Life: Extended

by RGB650 on Sep 15, 2017

(This story is a sequel to “A New Life.” You may wish to read that story first to gain some background for this one.) Riiiinng! Riinnnnng! Mary Bursman paused on her son’s lap, his hard cock buried deep within her wet pussy, as he reached for the portable phone. “Hello, Bursman’s residence. Tim speaking.” Since Tim’s father, Paul Bursman, was pastor of T...

Grandma I'm Home Ch. 02

by akilfinch on Sep 15, 2017

After the slap that Grandma gave me at the top of the steps I wanted to give her a little time to cool down and digest everything that happened outside the bathroom door. I know I've been ready for this for a long time, but it is still new to her and she can't possibly embrace the twisted concepts being thrown at her so quickly. How could she possibly unde...

To Grandmother's House We Go

by oneiria on Sep 11, 2018
Erotic Horror

REUNION Hansel Gingersnap stopped before the front door of Grandma Nyx's house. He looked around to make sure nobody could see him as pressed the doorbell . Ever since his sister Gretel disappeared, the onus of making these little check-in visits had fallen on his broad, albeit protesting, shoulders. But he liked to hide his activities at Grandma Nyx's hou...

Grandma's Farm

by JSipes on Oct 16, 2018

My Grandma, Hazel La Forge was a farm girl who grew up in New Madrid County, a small farming community in the southeast Missouri bootheel. The family farm was just over 2000 acres of prime fertile land bordering the banks of the Mississippi River. The property was flat and easy to plow. Each harvest was better than the previous. Great Grandpa La Forge had be...

Grandma Plays Matchmaker

by MisterReason on Sep 15, 2017

For Elizabeth Whitten, tossing and turning while laying around in bed was nothing new since like most senior citizens sometimes falling asleep was a challenge, but on this night her restlessness was fueled by anticipation. Her favorite grandson Paul was visiting for a few days, as he often did on his way to and from college between semesters, and while the...

Grandma's Secret Admirer

by MisterReason on Sep 25, 2017

By the time Emily Rowland returned to the in-law apartment over the garage that she rented from her daughter and her husband, her heart had slowed down dramatically from the way it had been racing about 15 minutes ago, despite the fact that she had to climb the ten steps to get inside. Once safely inside the modest apartment, Emily leaned back against the d...

Christmas Miracles

by Northguy2043 on May 21, 2019

It’s December 24th in the cold, snowy suburbs of Chicago, and the atmosphere in your house is not somber after the loss of your father, but the joy within the atmosphere is stale, almost like it’s trying to be preserved from the previous year. After your father left the family, nothing has quite been the same. Your grandmother is sleeping in the master bedro...

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A Webcam Grandmother A Pervert Family

by ChristopherAllan on Dec 24, 2019

Paul was about as normal a guy as you would ever meet. He didn't cause any trouble growing up. He also didn't stand out in any way. He wasn't bad at his studies but he wasn't great either. He was on the football team as a back up lineman. He had a few girlfriends in high school. He never got past first base with any of them. He lead a normal life. He had a...